September 13th, 2010


This post involves the word 'penis.'

I have a friend who wants me to find a cake that looks like a penis, (ostensibly) for a bachelorette party. Does anyone know where such a, um, novelty might be available? (I checked the Googles, which came back with Sweetpea, but they apparently don't want a vegan cake.)

This is Portland, there's got to be one of these available somewhere.

In conclusion, penis.


Just posting as props to the Mission Theater as a place to watch Monday Night Football. Even though my Jets lost, it was cool seeing it on a movie screen, and the crowd and staff were awesome. I'm pretty sure they'll be doing it every Monday if your team is ever playing.
Scanning for signs of life

Movie hunt!

Not because TRON Legacy is coming out but because I lost the VHS of my copy, I'm on a dire hunt to find TRON on DVD! I tried Netflix (expected availability: long time!) Frys, Best Buy (only available online), Amazon (new from $60+) and even Borders... so I'm hoping some geeks might know where I could possibly find it locally. I used to watch it when I was sick and I've got the sinus infection of the century and really want to watch it. Any help?

Thanks in advance!