September 12th, 2010


Average rent for 1 bedroom in decent neighborhood

I may be relocating to Portland next year and am looking to get an idea on the cost of apartments. I am applying to the nursing programs at University of Portland, Portland Community College, OHSU, and Linfield College, but I am fine with a little bit of a commute. I would be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood (doesn't have to be nice, per se, just relatively safe) that allows cats and dogs. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of what I might find myself paying? Neighborhood suggestions are good too.
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PSU students:

Has anyone taken this capstone: Community Based Art as a Force for Social Change, or the professor, Jennifer G. Delos Reyes ?

I can't find anything on this capstone on PSU's website, nor on Delos Reyes at Rate My Professor.

I need a capstone and this one sounds vaguely like it'll work, I just want to hear from someone if it's good/awful.

xposted to pdx_edu because I really really want a response.
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I moved to portland downtown in July and am looking for place that I can go alone when I'm bored. well,sadly i don't have many friends to hang out with from day to day.

I go to Powell's book shop on Burnside and Park blocks near PSU to sit and eat and sometimes watch people there.
I don't skateboard and don't drink except for friends gathering.where would you recommend?

I appreciate your help!!

Chinook Book Coupon Swap

Hi all,

Last year around this time someone else on DP asked about swapping Chinook Book coupons and that was a totally winning idea that worked out for a few of us. I'd like to try it again this year. If you're interested, comment or pm with what you want to exchange - we could meet up to exchange coupons or mail them to one another.

What I would like (off the top of my head): Anna Bannana's buy 1 get 1 coffee drinks; Grand Central buy $5 worth of food get a free loaf of bread free; Burgerville buy 1 get 1 burger free; New Seasons free baguette; New Seasons free sausage; Earth Balance $1 off coupon

What I have to exchange: a lot! Most of the higher end eatery coupons and a bunch of coffee shops in SE and SW and some in NE/ N. Many, many of the grocery item coupons. The Pasta works coupons, most of the grocery store coupons for $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 (Whole Foods, Lambs, etc.), most of the buy 1 get 1 half off entree coupons to the cheaper and middle-range restaurants.

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LJ friend weirdness

I have a buddy IRL who has an LJ where he pontificates on computer security amongst other things. He's apparently well known enough in his field that he's attracted the attention of what he calls "the Russian mafia" He's apparently stalked on-line by someone(s) from the other side of the globe. He finds it mildly amusing.

I've commented on his LJ once in a while - on non-computing items, mostly. However, a couple folks friended me recently, and when I follow back to their sites, it's in Cyrillic. I've known two people from the Ukraine in my life, and it ain't either of them. I believe some of my buddy's stalkers have rubbed off on me.

I don't tend to flock posts much - I post on books and mountain bike trips and an occasional tirade on land use, nothing personal or technical. I don't think there's any way to force an unfriending, is there?
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hospitals with emergency rooms within about thirty minutes of the city?

After several visits to the region and lots of web searching, the following is a list I've been compiling of hospitals specifically with emergency rooms fairly close to the city center. This list is cut off roughly by an estimated commute time of about half-an-hour, which of course is relative considering one could live in various neighborhoods (so I picked the middle of the Burnside Bridge as an arbitrary "center" of greater Portland just for the sake of comparison). Here is what I have so far, with each hospital's name preceded by the system/employer they are a part of...

Legacy, Good Samaritan
OHSU, Marquam Hill
Legacy, Emanuel
Providence, Portland MC
Providence, St Vincent
Providence, Milwaukie
SW Washington MC, Washington
Adventist Medical Center, East
Legacy, Meridian Park
Legacy, Salmon Creek
Kaiser, Sunnyside
Legacy, Mount Hood
Providence, Willamette Falls

...and here were the next few that I felt might fall just beyond the 30-minute mark, which again, is a relative and arbitrary cutoff:

Tuality, Community Hospital
Tuality, Forest Grove
Providence, Newberg MC

I'm guessing that since I only have a passing familiarity with Portland from the perspective of a resident as opposed to a visitor, I've probably made some errors (of omission or inclusion) that you folks could help me with. If you wouldn't mind, please take a moment to look over the above and respond with your feedback, additions, deletions, etc?

Much appreciated! :)

Any "Truebies" out there?

Hi peeps,
Long time lurker, first time poster here.  I apologize in advance if anyone's asked this before (if so I missed it), but the hubby and I are hopelessly addicted to HBO's "True Blood" (I know, I know, snark away) and would love to go out to a pub/bar to watch tonight's season finale as we are without access to cable.  Does anyone know of any place that does this?
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UW Huskies Soccer photographs (Women's team)

NOTE - Posted to DP because the game was in Portland at the University of Portland soccer field.

Earlier today, I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the women's team from the University of Washington (Huskies) at their away game here in Portland (VS. Rutgers at the University of Portland field).

With media "all access" pass in hand, I took to the field...

I snapped off over 200 images and here are (in order)10 of my favorites...which I'm placing BEHIND A CUT because they are hi-res (240 dpi and 1024 x 685 in size)

Collapse )

Photography by Dustin Eppers
Comments and critiques welcomed (As always)
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Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night is THIS TUESDAY!

Hey kids, the Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night is still going on, only we moved it across the river. MUCH more space, more food, more booze, much more pleasant barstaff!

At the Alberta St Pub! Up on the corner of NE 11th & NE Alberta Ave.

We'll be showing the third of the new 'Sherlock' movies airing on the BBC this summer, also "Free Agents"(with Anthony "Giles" Head and Matthew "Garth Marenghi" Holness) and "Black Books"(the Dylan Moran/Graham Lineham show).

It's this tuesday, the 14th, from 6-9pm. Free!

Here's the Facebook Link for the event.

The next one will be on the 28th. Link up with us on FB, too.
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Flooding update and LJ paid account question

 To follow up on my post the other day, it looks like it's definitely internal.  There ain't been no rain, and while there wasn't any noticeable moisture build-up Friday and Saturday, I just cleaned up a big puddle a few minutes ago.  I'm not sure if the puddle just showed up suddenly because it was a nice day today (and I was out all day while the aircon was probably running fairly often), or if I would have noticed it sooner had I not been running a fan with the storage room door open the previous couple of days.

So the good news is that I'm not as worried about rain, and that I can probably get someone out to fix the problem tomorrow.  The bad news is that something in the equation changed in the last couple of days, and the puddle formed on the other side of the room, and now there's a big patch of wet carpet.  Sigh. Toweled some up and moved the fan, but I guess I'm going to have to rent a carpet cleaner or something.  Any recommendations there?

Last, but not least, LJ's interstitial ads are getting even more annoying; as of a few minutes ago, I can no longer force the ad to quit.  I find this annoying because I'm already getting lots of banners thrown at me.  But hey, it's a free account.  So my my question is, with a paid account, do *all* of the ads go away, or just the interstitials, leaving the banners at the top and side?