September 11th, 2010

Bike Naked!

Brightly lit bar?

Some friends of mine want to start a regular knitting/craft night, and we're all beer/wine fans, so we want to have it in a place with a good beer and wine selection.

But, because we're crafting, it has to be well-lit.

Oh, and central Eastside--think in the 30's between Division and Burnside--would be best.

So....yeah....well-lit bar, with a good beer and wine selection, in central Eastside? Got any ideas?

(Bonus points for: quiet on weeknights, so they won't mind us taking up room but not drinking much, vegan and/or gluten free options for food.)



Me and my new housemates are having a people over to play Halo Reach next Sunday, September 19, and we thought we'd extend the invite to you damn portlanders. We plan on having semifrequent Halo parties, and hope to get a nice group of people involved. For more info and to join, check out our crappy little website: THANKS! <3


If any one needs them i am selling tickets for this show @ corrosion records for $21.00! @ ticketswest they are $31.50, so a fair amount cheaper!

the show is tomorrow night @ the Roseland.

other tickets for sale @ corrosion records:
(prices include service charge and are cash only)
09/28 - Freezepop @ fez ballroom - $11.00
10/04 - Covenant @ fez ballroom - $19.00
10/19 - Gogol Bordello @ roseland - $24.00
11/10 - Combichrist @ wonder ballroom - $19.00

Corrosion Records
3341 SE Hawthorne Theatre

EDIT: DAMNPREEPILE! damnyardsale!

damnyardsale is now a damnfreepile! it'll be there till it gets dark this evening. lots of good stuff!

my husband and our upstairs housemates are having a yard sale tomorrow only! vintage clothes (much of it is dirt cheap since i'm too lazy to list stuff on etsy), regular clothes, boys' clothes (size six and under), a 1920s full-size metal bedframe, all sorts of good stuff. here's our craigslist ad with more details:

we'll be out there from 9-2. we're right on a bike blvd and not far from I-5 and the 6 bus line, so you have no excuse! hope to see you there!
Your whole family is made out of meat -

Sprint service in Portland?

Since I refuse to spend $100 updating my OS to make it iPhone4 compatible I'm considering an Evo to replace my recently shattered phone. I'm a little skittish about leaving AT&T for Sprint since I don't know anyone who uses them. Has anyone had problems with reception or the 4g network in Portland? Any other Sprint related complaints? I'm quite happy with AT&T so I'm reluctant to leave.

I like our new potential Banksy!

new default icon cute

SNNLC: 7 degrees of DP seperation...?

Heya Deeps!

What are you up to tonight? I'm just chilling with my boyfriend online, surfing tumblr and ... DP. :)

I've been meaning to ask this discussion question for a few days now: How many people have you met from DP? / Who have you met from DP?

I'm curious as to the level of social circles in RL we've created online...