September 10th, 2010

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comcast outage

Anyone else experiencing a Comcast outage right now? I'm in NW Portland and it's 6:37am. The internet won't connect (yellow globe icon is blinking on the router) and my TV says that my channels will be available shortly.

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OK shoe shoppers, 'fess up...

Was this you?

(Retail | Portland, OR, USA)

(I’m shoe shopping, and I’ve taken off my own shoes to try on some other pairs. Another customer is browsing in the same aisle; she looks at my shoes and starts to try them on.)

Me: “Excuse me? Those are mine.”

Customer: “No, they’re not. I saw them first.”

Me: “No, I mean, I bought them a while ago. See, they don’t have price tags on them.”

(Ignoring me, she takes off my shoes, and calls over an employee.)

Customer: “Do you have these in size seven?”

Employee: “I’ve never seen these before. Do you have the box they were in?”

Me: “That’s because they’re mine. They’re not from here.”

Customer: *rolls eyes* “She keeps saying that, but I saw them first.”

Employee: “Uh, ma’am, she’s right. These are from [another shoe store].”

Customer: “Oh. Well, can I buy them here?”

Employee: *gives me back my shoes* “Sorry, no.”

Customer: “Well, if that’s how you treat your customers here, I’m leaving!”

(As she walks out, she stops to check out my bag on the floor.)

Me: “That’s mine, too.”
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A friend who torrents on a Mac is curious what user-friendly applications are recommended to check data obtained in such a manner to determine if it contains anything malicious. What's the DP hive mind got to say?
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ladies wide-calf galoshes/rain boots

I seem to recall there was a post about this about a year ago... Do y'all have any tips on finding wide calf galoshes for women?

(This may or may not be for a halloween costume, but all web references and Portland-area stores you can reccommend are awesome)


also also I'm specifically looking for PLAIN RED boots. Not plaid, spotted, patterened, or designed in any way. JUST red.*

*I can't stand in heels and I need something relatively flat, and I think that rubber galoshes + white duct tape will emulate Wonder Woman's boots in the most comfortable way that I can afford at the moment....

Shrill ladies/A little FNNLC preview

Hey ladies: What's with all the screeching?  Are you actually getting shriller, or are you just getting more shit from the media?  Serious.

I don't watch much teevee (that isn't pirated and commercial-free) but the other day I was at a pizza place and watched the big-screen for about 45 minutes.  In one, a harping wife actually transforms into a threatening, nine-foot tall Smokey Bear to drill the point in to her husband that the forest isn't going to take his shit anymore.  He cowers and assents before Smokey-w/vagina eats him.  Creepy.

Then, the Lf and I made the mistake of watching a rather godawful film from 2009, 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?', which prominently features a large, beefy Hugh Grant and his stupid shrew of a wife, played by SJ Parker.  Parker's character was incredibly unlikeable and selfish, whereas Grant's dude was just bumbling and ultimately sympathetic.

I've heard of facial hair and hem length corresponding directly to a country's economic health, and I recently read a story about the death of the metrosexual in light of tightening economic times and the popularization of the manlier, gruffer archetypes of Mad Men (which certainly features a major shrew in the role of the main dude's wife).  So,I was wondering whether the increased shrillerization of ladies might be another part of the cultural aftermath of the recession, part of a return to "traditional" values, where men are men and women are hysterical.

What do you think?  Is my theory some pseudo-Malcom-Gladwell douchery/po-mo crap?  Are your women getting more batshit and ranting?  Or is their allotted media stick just getting shorter?

(Disclaimer: Yes, I'm a pretty huge feminist.  But still, does anyone notice what I'm seeing?)

Disclaimer 2: Then again, I just watched 'Notting Hill', a film from the time of flush economic, that female protagonist is straight-up psychotic so maybe there's no correlation after all...