September 9th, 2010

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Stumptown! Comic!


So, I am in serious need of the Stumptown comic issue #2. I can't find it ANYWHERE in town (I'm sure that I might have missed a few places, but am assuming the story's the same), as of last night Amazon was sold out, other websites offering it are sold out, ONI Press is sold out, and a cursory glance at eBay has some at silly prices. Also...fellow comic book friends don't seem to have a copy either.

If I can't buy an issue off anyone here, might I perhaps take 15-20 minutes of your time, buy you a beer or coffee or something, and read your copy? I have the following two issues waiting to be read, but my obsessive need to read comics in order prevents me from indulging.

Please? Anyone? Thanks! :D

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airport extremely dead

DPeeps, be ye mac people or no, I come to you with a technical question.

Can a router just ... die? What would cause this, other than, say, a power surge, or being smashed?

The specific router in this hypo is an AirPort Extreme Base Station. The "UFO" variety (as seen here). I've had it for a few years with no real problems, and all of a sudden yesterday it just ... well, disappeared. By which I mean, the status lights still indicate that it's receiving power, but none of my computers can detect it when scanning for it. I've tried a soft reset, a hard reset, and a factory reset.

Thanks for any input yawl.

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I NEED a cannoli today. Where can I find one, preferably a quick stop on my way home from work?

I want a fresh cannoli. Not a prepackaged one, or a place that makes them once a week.
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Hey DP! Is there a Saints home bar in this city? Cause I would much rather watch the game there, with food and booze and other like minded freaks, than sitting in my tv room.
airport farewell
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iphone tripod rec's?

I'm looking to buy an iphone tripod for a friend as a gift.  Anyone have recommendations for or against certain models?  I'm googling & looking at reviews, just thought I'd look for ideas from you dear DP.

(I guess I'm looking at tabletop models, though also at that one with flexybendy legs you can wrap around things.  It's just for a friend who's occupying herself during a prolonged convalescence by making clay figures and then basically making tiny claymation animations of them by taking pictures of them on her iphone, in case that makes a difference in your recommendation...)



So I finally bit the bullet and faced my packrat tendencies head-on, and am getting rid of my magazine collection.

If you're interested, there are a bunch outside on N Rosa Parks and Vancouver. Please help yourself!

mostly Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, with a few Ready Made and Food & Wine mixed in. There were some National Geographic but I think those are gone already. Most of them have pages torn out, I've used them for wrapping paper and stuff, but they're mostly intact.

Collages! Art Projects! Wallpaper! Wrap your cat!

Please take them!
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The Floods

No, this does not refer to my exposed ankles under my Jordache jeans.  I've got flooding in my basement.  My finished, carpeted basement.

The lucky thing is that it's happening in the one room where it would be OK, as long as nothing gets out.  It's the storage room with the heater and aircon unit in it, and there's nothing in there outside of HVAC that's not either junk or sealed up tight against spiders.  Actually, that's not totally true: my old gig bag from when I was in a band, replete with stomp boxes, guitar and microphone cords and the like is in there, but I seem to have placed it on relative high ground, so no harm, no foul.

The thing is, the leaking doesn't seem to be coming in from the exterior walls; there's no marks that would indicate they are the source of the problem, so my theory is that with all the recent humidity, that whenever the aircon has kicked in, condensation has formed somewhere and dripped.  I don't look in there often, so I'm guessing water's been building for a while.

I mopped up the mess and spread clorox so that the next time it rains or the next time its hot enough for the aircon to kick in, I'll hopefully see a trail that indicates the origin of the water so I can fix it before I'm totally soaked.  So that brings me to my questions for you, oh all knowing DPers.

1- Instead of Clorox, do you have any other ideas for tracking the leak?  I just realized that I've got a mess of styrofoam peanuts which could do the trick.  Any other brilliant ideas?

2- Once I've identified the leak, anyone have a recommendation for who to call to fix it?  There's a number on the HVAC unit, so I think I'm covered there; but I don't know anything about foundation work, so if anyone's got a suggestion, that'd be awesome.