September 8th, 2010


Another massage-question

So I checked through the tags for massage, and didn't really find what I was looking for. I know there are several massage schools around here that are fairly inexpensive to go to get a massage from the students. But I'm having a hell of a time trying to find stuff online. But that could just be because my brain is so distracted by my back. 

I am in an incredible amount of pain in my lower back and am getting to the point where stretching and heating isn't helping anymore. That being said, I'm pretty broke until financial aid comes through in two weeks. So I need to find something pretty cheap. I'd like to go to a local school and work with a student.

But if there are any massage therapists in DP, or friends of DP, that are willing to trade for design work or partly paid but discounted with design trade, I'm up for that. If not, oh well. I hate to sound so pathetic and cheap-skatey, but I'm stretched pretty thin for resources until school starts. And, guh, this pain is getting unbearable. Thanks so much for any advice!


Stuff for sale...

Sorry for the spam-o-rific "for sale" post.... It's all priced to sell quick (hopefully), how about a $5 DP discount on stuff over $20?

drafting table + chair:
HP printer:
Staedtler compass set:
2 file cabinets:
4 bentwood chairs:
sage loveseat:
blue oversized chair:
brown recliner:
charcoal grill:

email me at   for more info.
thanks gang :)
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one morning in downtown Portland, by streetcar...WWYD?

Greetings once more, Portland of the damned! I seek your sage wisdom and playful advice once more. Thursday night, we will be arriving once again in the land of pretty roses and crazy donuts. I'm super excited that my lady fair will be interviewing there, but the down side is they seem to like her so much that her prospective employer has plans for her all day on Friday, from morning through dinnertime. So now that we just found out her itinerary, I need to decide how to entertain myself.

We will be staying in the South Waterfront this time around, at the Avalon (only because the White Eagle was booked, love that place). I'm already decided to spend my Friday afternoon and early evening at OMSI, because we've never been on our previous visits and I totally wanna see the "Dallas" [sic] and watch the Hubble movie in IMAX 3D. So, what I'm looking for are suggestions on fun activities for my Friday morning which are along (or walkable from) the streetcar route. I love riding around on the streetcar and plan to get a day pass (and then hop MAX or walk to/from OMSI).

I'm already planning on taking aforementioned lady fair to the City Grill for victory drinks late Friday evening, so no need to advise me of the wonderful views from Big Pink. Okay, fire away...and thanks in advance for your ideas! Extra credit for the precise locations of your niftiest food carts, would love to try as many out as possible...and if you're curious what we've already seen here is a post from our most recent week-long visit.