September 6th, 2010

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Introductory post

I'm sorry if introductory posts are inappropriate. If so, please delete it mods before the flames get too hot.

Greetings Portlanders! I seek, to be one of you. I am currently in the Los Angeles area with my family and frankly, I'm done. I'm not hating, I've just had my fun here and it's time to move on. I no longer enjoy what makes LA, "LA". I seek a slower pace, friendlier neighbors, better schools, the ability grow a patch of lawn without fighting for ever single blade and a house I can hope to pay off before my great grandchildren graduate high school.

I do however come with a favor. I need advice. I've never been north of San Francisco but have fallen in love with Portland via friends who live there, fact sheets and the wonderful real estate sections. Ideally, a Victorian styled home would suit us wonderfully, with the ability to have my steampunk shoppe in one part, and live in the other.  Are there mixed residential/ business neighborhoods there with charming architecture? If so, where at? The wonderful folks at Sock Dreams told me how much they love their Sellwood location but I haven't found any sales there for under $500k.

Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in my life.


do you have a coffee maker or tv you don't want

Well I've managed to go two years without having to buy a coffee maker or tv, but now I'm living where my roomies have neither! I'm browsing craigslist of course for both, but if you have one or the other you want to get rid of for cheap or free I will come pick it up. Figured I'd ask, you never know what people have lying around :)
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Men's Hair Stylings

I received a lot of helpful advice the other day, and am already busy putting it to good use, but now I've another question.

I'm looking for some good recommendations for a men's hair styling and two-tone blue-black and dark blue hair colour in the Portland area.  I'd like to find someplace that you have had some good experiences with to buffer what I'm reading on Yelp (and there are a lot of recommendations).   I have medium-short length hair with quite a bit to work with on top, so I'm looking for someone creative.  I've had a health-care professional look all the while going through nursing school and now I can relax a little with my appearance.  It's been two years since I've had anything along the alternative variety, so I am quite out of touch.  Thank you in advance!
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Train Schedules

My kid loves trains, and we live not-too-far from a couple of road-bridges (e.g. Holgate, west of SE 26) from which train yards can be seen.

I think he'd enjoy seeing the trains from a vantage like that, but I think he'd really like to see one moving, and so rather than just go randomly and keep our fingers crossed, I was wondering if anyone here knew what lines go along that route on the east side of the W. river, and where I could get schedules so that I can be sure of when one's going.

We can hear the trains from our house as they go by, so, for instance, I'm pretty sure that if we went at 2am, we'd see one.  But I'm hoping for something that falls between his nap and his snack time.

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"elephant ears" in PDX?

I love fried dough.  I know it's really terrible for me but it tastes so good!  Doesn't almost everybody love fried dough?

Is there a place in the portland area that is not a cart in a fair (street cart is fine, just preferably a place that isn't only around for a weekend and then gone) that I could get traditional fried dough - white flour deep fried and drenched in cinnamon sugar? 
( I was SO excited to hear from a friend that he had seen Elephant Ears on the menu at All Things Fried or whatever at the Lloyd Center, but then I got there and their fried dough is made with whole wheat flour, which really just ruins the whole point as far as I'm concerned.  Plus they gave me a phallic plastic lobster that lit up and vibrated when my elephant ear (fried to order) was ready, which I guess got some entertainment value points but was also just a little weird...I wasn't quite sure I wanted to touch it.)

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Yo Droids!

My Droid X is finally shipping, so now I can obsess about it relentlessly. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Droid X forums/boards/sites/groups/whatevah?

They're mighty easy to find, but I'm hoping that a couple of you freaks can point me to the good ones.
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Storage units?

I'm looking to rent a storage unit for a while, mostly to store furniture in until I grow up and become a real adult who can have nice things. It's all long-term family stuff or else I'd Craigslist it, but since I can't exactly get another my-grandmother's-dining-set from Ikea later I'm willing to pay to store it for now.

What should I know about storage units before I rent one? Questions to ask? Warning signs? Places to avoid? I'm probably to going to rent something near Aloha. I'd especially like opinions of inside versus drive-up units. It seems like inside is the way to go because it tends to be both cheaper and heated, but if there are downsides I'm overlooking I'd love to hear them. (I'll be hiring movers to get the furniture into the unit, if that makes a difference.)
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