September 5th, 2010

Conversation with hippy while working 5 minutes ago.

Portland related because it's off Hawthorne and involves a hippy.

Hippy: Where are you getting the music from?

Me: It's just my iTunes.

Hippy: Do you have any dub-step or reggae?

Me: Erm. No, those are two genres I'm not that into.

Hippy: Neither of them?

Me: Neither.

Hippy: Not that this is bad.

Me: No, I would never call Thelonious Monk bad.

Hippy: Who did you say this was?

Me: Thelonious Monk.

Hippy: Oh, I think I've heard of them.

These are my first world problems.
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If I wanted to interview someone (for a blog article/podcast interview) regarding how to taste gin to determine its quality, whom (in the Portland area) would you suggest I talk to, if anyone? I know we have some local distilleries here, but someone who can speak to mainstream gins would be great. I honestly have no clue where to start with this! If only we had a Tanquerey factory in Portland!!!

Crafty Damn Portlanders

Calling all Crafty Damn Portlanders:
  Apart from staples like Jo-Anne's Fabrics and the massive Fabric Depot, do any of you have any recommendations for fabric stores with a wide selection?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your helpful advice and insight.  I really appreciate it!