September 3rd, 2010

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yes, I'm an idiot

This shouldn't be this hard, even for my rudimentary Google skills.

I'm in love with this song that my ballet teacher uses.

She has a homemade copy of the CD.

I managed to track down the title online.

And then borrowed the CD so I could see which track it was and match it to the playlist.

It's track 13 on this CD, apparently entitled Eternal Love.

I really, really, really want to find the lyrics (if there are any) and maybe the original version (this one is all "ballet-ified"), so I can maybe figure out why I know it.

I have the song title - and I presume the two names next to it are the author and composer. But I can't find anything that even remotely seems to fit. Apparently there are eleventy million songs titled "Eternal Love", and of course most searches go by *artist* rather than writer/composer.

Description on this page says "Lynn has arranged songs from George Cohan to Irving Berlin to Cole Porter." - which will give you an idea of the kinds of artists likely to be involved. I'm still stymied.


ETA searching the CD title on YouTube gave me this. It's a mix of the different songs - the one I'm after is on there from about 0:21 to 0:30
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c10 dinner

Goose Eggs?

Anyone around here raise geese? I'm looking for a local supplier of goose egg shells for decorating...just the shells, not the innards. Price negotiable tho i'd prefer setting up a barter system :) posting on craiglist also but thought perchance maybe someone here could help me out.

Hi all,

New to the community, but not really all that new to Portland or LJ. I've been taping house shows and uploading the outcomes for free download. There is currently a list of them being linked to from here (new window).

I guess my point is that I'm looking for a "video artist" to collaborate with. If you like going to house shows or shows at small venues, hit me up.

EDIT: HERE (new window) you can stream single tracks from a couple of the better sounding sets.
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So it looks like I have diabetes and, apparently, it should be treated lest I desire blindness or limb amputation. I don't have health insurance because my partner's work won't cover me because we're not married, but our household income is too high to qualify me for OHP. It looks like my only hope of getting coverage any time soon is to either get married or pregnant, which I greatly resent. Can anyone tell me how free/low cost health clinics work? Can I get treatment for diabetes? Will they turn me away for not being destitute enough? I will be grateful for any information you can give me.
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Need Tire Help

Forgive me for sounding completely naive, but I've got a flat tire and don't know what to do about it. I'm not covered for roadside assistance, so my insurance company's out. My car's just sitting in my apartment parking lot and I have no spare.

Do I absolutely have to get towed? Or can I walk to a tire store, buy a new one, wheel it home and then call someone to change the tires?

I live a short walk away from the Midas on NE Broadway and was going to head over there tomorrow morning. not sure what they can do for me? Any reassurance or help on what to do would be great.

Yard Sailin'

Yeah, it's an obligatory "check out my yard sale" post but this one has a twist: I have a couple hundred cult flicks for sale on VHS. Some of these titles have never been released on DVD so there you go. $1.00 apiece or 12 for $10.00! If you like Biker Movies, Horror, Teenage Sex Comedies, Fucked-Up Musicals, Misguided Kids Films, Italian Westerns, Christian-Scare Films or any kind of Exploitation whatsoever it would benefit you to come check this out (I even slipped some porn into the mix). Oh yeah, I've got other typical garage sale stuff too.

Saturday, 9/04/10. Noon until it's gone.

SE 20th Ave, between Oak and Pine Streets. My yard is the one with all of the shit for sale in it.

Mention LiveJournal and get a free beer outta my cooler (while they last, of course).