September 2nd, 2010

Legal name change

Hey DP,

I'm looking to get my name legally changed. I live in Multnomah county, and I'm wondering how much it costs to get my name changed, and where I go to get it done. I'm looking to get my name changed before I change my phone number, and a number of other things to hinder my evil pursuers. Thanks!
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A PSA for you, DP!

Per my bank -

Effective today, if you run your card at a gas station, instead of cash or running the DEBIT portion, gas stations will no loner run a $1 authorization to run the card and THEN pull the funds. They will authorize / place into Pending status the amount you purchased PLUS up to $100 from your account.

This is to get consumers away from the NSF fees.

So, much like today, I pulled over to get $15 in gas...I used my card in Portland and ran it as a credit...when I checked my account, there was an authorization for $75.00 (It was in pending an unable to be touched)...this will take 2 hours to 2 business days to drop off and clear.

Yes, it's legal.
Yes, they can.
Yes, they are.

And that's your PSA for the day...
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CD jewel cases

Hey y'all.

I have an enormous box full of CD jewel cases under my bed (I keep all of my CDs / DVDs in those big CD binder things) . Would love to get rid of them. What do I do with them?

Looking for logical answers, but the creative answers will get an Internet Cookie.
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Edgefield and kayaks

First Edgefield tomorrow, a couple of questions for those who have been before.
-How strict are they about their rules? Would they give us shit for packing a couple sandwiches to avoid paying $8 for their crappy burgers? Do they really not allow anything that isn't sealed and isn't water?
-how bad is traffic/parking?

And on a completely unrelated note, favorite kayaking spots? Close would be nice, but awesome trumps close. I boat on the willamette a couple times a week so a change of scenery would be nice.

Hablas Espanol, por un abogado?

That's about the limit of my Spanish, alas.

However, I just made an appointment with a client who speaks mainly Spanish, for tomorrow at 3:00. Our office's usual translator is not available. We can try to muddle through, but I would prefer to have an interpreter if possible. If any damnportlanders out there can handle a English-to-Spanish translation, of a potentially difficult and private subject matter, can promise to abide by a code of confidentiality, and would like to make some money, please let me know. I'll get back to you this evening.

We normally pay $30 per hour for translation services. Let me know if this sounds fair, and if you're interested and free from 3:00 to 4:00.

Thank you to all.
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sup dp.

i have a $900 dollar camera i hardly use. would love to make a hobby out of it.

where to start? what do

also, share your experiences with taking photos as a hobby. what was it like at first, how difficult(or easy?) it was, etc etc..

ALSO ALSO, would taking a class at pcc be any helpful or is it a ripoff?

keep it real, G.

Meat tastes like murder.

I need recommendations for a steak house in Portland or Vancouver that is of course good, but that caps out at about $25 per person, and is something you can't get in California. We would of course go to Outback 'cause really, their steak is freaking good, but he wants to take his dad somewhere that is more Northwesty and that isn't $45 per steak 'cause as good as Ringside is... we just can't afford that for 5 people.

Ok thanks. =D

ETA: Acrop is out because it's me, my boyfriend, his dad, his brother, and his like 75 year old grandmother. She's not really into boobies with her beef.
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