September 1st, 2010


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I always kind of make fun of these posts, but here goes. I have a full weekend off for the first time... well, since I moved to Portland. Is there anything particularly exciting happening in Portland this weekend? Or is everyone planning on quietly welcoming fall?
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Dental Groupon about to expire tomorrow, anybody want?

A while back, my boyfriend bought a $59 Groupon for an Oral Exam, X-Rays, and Teeth Cleaning at AAdvanced Dental ($291 Value). It expires tomorrow and neither of us need it anymore.

It's yours for the same price if you want it. Here are the details of the Groupon deal:

EDIT: Just found out, you don't have to use it by tomorrow. You just need to call them by tomorrow to schedule the appointment.
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Ring Shopping

Hey, sorry for yet another "where can I find...?" post, but my boyfriend wants to buy me a promise ring and we don't know the first place to look. Our budget is pretty small ($50 max, probably) so the rings most jewelry stores around here seem to be advertising--diamond engagement and wedding rings and whatnot--are completely out of our budget. I know there must be some shops around here that sell nice rings more in our price range but I can't come up with any and would appreciate any recommendations you could throw my way.
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Custom Ceramics

I need a set of ceramic mugs made but I need replicas of a broken mug that I have. Are there any custom ceramic stores that might be able to accommodate my situation in the Portland metro area? They're not particularly complex but they're kind of sentimental.... and chipped.

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Come buy vintage and crafts tomorrow at First Thursday!

Tomorrow I'm taking part in an open-air market in the parking lot of Blitz Pearl (NW 10th between Couch & Davis)! I'll be selling vintage clothing (mostly women's, mostly 1940s-70s) and other good stuff. My prices are pretty damn reasonable, AND i'm willing to bargain a bit. Come check it out! Other people will be selling crafts, I'd imagine. I'm not sure of the official start time, but I think things will be set up by 4... definitely by 5.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. For those of you who remember Daylight Savings, I was one of the sellers there!
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Here's how to make the Facebook and Twitter boxes go away in comments.

Firefox users only, the rest of you are screwed I guess. Sorry.

First, make sure you've opted out of it, because otherwise you won't be able to cross post. But who really wants that?

1. Install Greasemonkey as an add-on.

2. Then go here and click the green install button.

That's it. The options to cross post in comments goes away and you can't check the boxes when you post. The end. Hope this helps.
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Highly Recommended: Bugaboo Bakery

I just want to post a quick DP review for Michelle (the_only_babbs) and her place Bugaboo Bakery.

Chunk up: Awesome. A+. Will definitely go back.

I ordered a dozen of the Dulce de Leche brownies a couple weeks ago. She kindly met me at a place convenient for me to pick them up and they were absolutely luscious. They were all ready-to-go in a cardboard bakery box that kept them safe and sound. And as an aside, the brownies were so big and so amazingly rich, I cut them into 3rds, which made them go a LONG way. Lots of happiness at the event I took them to that evening.

With that, I give you, "brownies and cleavage." These were the DdL brownies after I cut them up and it wasn't even ALL of them (like, 2/3rds of the batch)! A HUGE bargain at $15/doz. Get 'em while you can, folks.

THANK YOU, MICHELLE! I will definitely be back.

DO IT DPers. You will not regret it!
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Any ideas on where I could pick up a (hopefully free) CD that contains Ubuntu? I've tried using the Windows installer on my computer, but it's not working, so now I'd like to try the direct installing route.

Thanks ahead of time!