August 31st, 2010


Thai Food Introduction

My friend from New Zealand wants to introduce me to non-American food (I realize this is lame on my part). She wants to take me to a Portland Thai restaurant. Sadly, I've no idea what place is best.

I am relatively poor, so the best Thai food in PDX for my money is ideal.

Recommendations? How is Peemkaew?
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Hello Damned Portlanders!

How many of you folks are going to PAX this year?! What are you most excited about? Gush!

There is going to be a panel on girl gaming done by a group of researchers from the University of Oregon which I am excited to see... but my friend is involved. I'm a little biased. AND the concerts!!!

If anyone has any leads on 3-day passes, let me know! :]
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Trade and iPhone apps?

Hello, hello. I have a brand new MyTouch in white and a slighty used SideKick LX 2009 in orchid that I'm looking to sell or trade. The MyTouch I'd sell for $100 OBO and the Sidekick LX 2009 is just for trade. The keyboard is a little worn from my finger nails and I wouldn't take money for it. Everything else on it is fine, I can hard reset it or you can have the themes and ringtones I've already bought for it. I don't know what I'm trading them for, but I don't want these or need them anymore. Does someone you know have T-Mobile and need a new phone?

Speaking of phones. I just dumped T-Mobile because they pissed me off and went to AT&T, 'sup iPhone? I remember there being an Andriod app post, but was there an iPhone one? I've googled and found Times top 10 apps of 2008 and 2009 and the games one, and I've checked out the top 25 in the app store, but I'm wondering if I'm missing anything good. Currently I'm having a blast playing the Chef Academy game and this ice cream shop game. I love my iPhone! Anyone that has bought the new iPhone 4 between yesterday and July something should be eligible for a free case from their iPhone 4 Case app. You just download the app and fill out the info and you get a free case. I did mine yesterday but it isn't supposed to ship until Sept 21st, but still. Free case!

Lastly, I made the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever made. It's such a lovely shade of golden brown and it's cheddar and havarti. I just needed to tell someone!

what would damnportlanders do?

i moved to portland a month ago, (yes, another dreaded transplant) and couldn't afford a moving truck, so i took only what i could fit in my toyota camry.

being able to live in portland at all is well worth sleeping on an air mattress, and sitting on the floor to eat my meals at the coffee table... however, i just started work and will hopefully have a bit more money soon to restock the furniture i lost in the move. the furniture i did manage to bring with me was deconstructed and crammed in my trunk, and was all from ikea, but my budget now is a bit more craigslist.

so, since i'm probably over-thinking this, i thought i'd ask you guys how you'd remedy the situation. i see craigslist furniture i want, but if they don't deliver, i can't have it. i only know one other person who lives here, and he has a car that is smaller than mine.

doesn't uhaul and other similar companies have a ton of hidden fees? would it be more worth it to save up some money, buy all my furniture at once from ikea, and have them deliver?

i just need a cheap way to get furniture delivered to my house.
i'll take whatever ideas you've got.
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I have an aquarium emergency and can't find the number I usually use--what's the number for the fish emergency line? It's run out of a pet store, but I went through five phone books and couldn't find it. I think it's on the west side.
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damn health insurance

So my employer has decided it can no longer afford to pay for our employee group health insurance after this year's round of insurance cost hikes. I'm looking in to buying individual health insurance coverage for me and my (unmarried) family. So far, the only company that appears to offer coverage for non-registered domestic partners is Regence. We are a heterosexual couple, so we can't register as a domestic partnership, and it makes no sense at all for us to get married.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and have any advice? Any companies to look in to? Any companies to avoid?

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Hi DPers -

I ordered a couple of shirts online, and received them today.  They're lovely, except for the still being too big on me despite being a petite XXS (and, WTH? a XS is usually fine!).    I'm considering having them altered where the fit is off but I'm really looking for two things in whoever I take them to:

1) A willingness to be honest about whether proposed alterations are really going to turn out well; that might lose this sale but will earn my future loyalty as a customer and good word of mouth
2) A decent level of experience in fitting petites

Any recommendations?   Thanks!

help with kitty?

hola dp! i hope someone here will have resources to help me!

i just had major, major surgery and my friends have been a real blessing as my family is not here. they're doing everything for me -- took me to the hospital, took me home, picked up my rx'es, are helping me with my pets and my food and driving to the doctor because i can't drive for 6 weeks after this surgery. anyway, i'd like to pay it forward in SOME small amount right now because my friend found a stray kitty she really wants to keep.

however, like me, she just graduated law school and has no income. she desperately wants this cat and i was wondering if any of you had any tips i could give her to help her find the lowest cost vet care to get the cat speutered/healthy/its first shots? i told her that if she got a cat from the humane society it would be a lot cheaper but she's deadset on taking this cat home because she's been feeding it and bonding with it and basically falling in love with it. if you have any ideas i could share with her i'd really appreciate it! she's overwhelmed with the idea of the initial cost of the vet, toys, litter box and everything.

one day we'll be big shot lawyers, and she'll be able to speuter this cat FIFTYBILLIONTY times over. but right now i just really want to bring them together! i know she wants this so much! please help me give this cat a home and help a friend who helped me so much!

here's the picture she txted me earlier today -- i'm sure she'd be willing to drive anywhere in portland if you had any specific clinics that could help make this affordable for her for now!
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(no subject)

So how do I turn off those terrible, obnoxious "repost" links at the bottom of every post or comment I try to make? LJ's FAQ claims I can turn them off at the Extentions tab on the My Account Settings page, but there's no such option whatsoever. Clicking on the Facebook icon like it says to do only takes me to a Facebook login page--which is useless because I'm not on there.

Do I have to turn off Pingbacks? Because I signed up for that because I wanted to know when people were linking my entries, but never once recieved a notification. Is that even what it's for? Because that was my understanding at the time.