August 30th, 2010


house cleaning help

Is anyone interested in making a little extra cash by helping me with some house cleaning help TODAY. I'll pay $15/hr, but there's probably only about 2 hours worth of work. Preference will be given to someone with actual experience doing this. Location is inner Beaverton, and you could come by sometime after 10:00.

huge glass bowl?

I cannot find this anywhere! I am looking for a huge glass bowl. I want to use it for a small turtle.

The one I am using now is 1 gallon. I would like it to be at least twice the size.
Similar to this: but with a larger base.

I have looked at Ikea, Pier One Imports, Fred Meyer, Pet Co, Wall-mart, Joannes, and Micheal's. I am ready to give up.

*EDIT: Keep the suggestions coming, but in the meantime I have moved him into a plain 10 gallon glass aquarium.


Dear Lazyweb

This has nothing to do with Portland, but I bet you guys are fairly smart.

Surely out there, somewhere, there is a website that allows me to register a user account, then track packages from a variety of carriers with custom labels?

IE, I can enter 1Zblahblahblah (ups package) with a description of 'Tim's Nifty Stuff'.
And I can enter 023923239 (fedex package) with a description of 'Other Stuff'.

And then I can get a master view that shows me when everything is going to get here, with my descriptions attached.

Surely, there is a website that does this. Yes?
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Any damn handy(wo)mans in the house?

...or more specifically, anyone know how to install a ceiling fan and looking to make some monies putting in a small one for me? Or, if you want to recommend a reliable handy-type person, that works too. I feel like I could probably figure it out myself, but I'd rather not electrocute myself.
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Weighted Blankets

Oh hai everyone. I ask DP everything as you guys know everything.

I am interested in using a volunteer to make various weighted blankets for some of the children I work with. I need to gather supplies, and I am perplexed about what to use as weights.

Websites have suggested that I use these gel-like pebbles. They are kind of spendy, though, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of or can brainstorm another option. They need to be small, obviously, but abnormally heavy. I was actually thinking getting larger weights that will fit in each blanket square and padding it with cotton or whatever it is you bad blankets with. But I'm no expert.

If tiny weights ARE an option, where can one obtain them in Portland?

Thanks ahead of time, guys. Suggestions will help kiddos with developmental disablities.
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Phase 1: Collect (Leather) Underpants

In short: I'm seeking one pair of black women's briefs, in a non-patent leather, or some other material with a leather look.

Something higher-waisted with a higher-cut leg would be preferable, and something cheap would be even better. I also need to have them in my hot little hands by Thursday morning, so I can complete my evil costuming plans for PAX.

Where in town can I find such a thing? I've already tried Spartacus; all they had were thongs and boyshorts.


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Hey DP,

I'm looking around for someone to do my hair and makeup for my wedding in October. Obv, just like anyone, I'd like a good job at a low price.


Bike Naked!

Choosing an OHP plan

So, I won the Oregon Health Plan lottery. Yay! Health care! Thank you Oregon taxpayers! May I soon get a job and be back among you!

But now I have to pick a "managed care plan." My choices are: Familycare Inc., Kaiser Permanente Oregon Plus, Providence Health Assurance, and CareOregon.

They're all required to pay for the same stuff, apparently. the hell am I supposed to pick one? (Oh, and there are eight different dental plans.)

Anyone have experience with any of them? Know a good doctor that takes OHP? I suppose I could start going to the clinic where I used to work (Old Town Clinic), I know they're good at getting good care out of OHP, but....I got fired from there. Kinda embarrassing to go back as a patient.

When I worked for said clinic, I had Kaiser, and I really liked them, but I don't know how it works through OHP. They won't cover all the same stuff. I really liked the PCP I had back at Kaiser though. And their pharmacy system made it super easy to get refills of my ADHD medication.