August 29th, 2010

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Can anyone recommend a good cat veterinarian in the Hawthornish area? I know that there's that holistic place around the corner from Jam, but I'm a little wary of them. Though if you've had good experiences there, by all means tell me about them. Thanks!
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Hey, since all of you are asleep, or stumbling home after a night of Jagermeister and Ibogaine, I figured I'd pose a question. Well, a couple. This is inspired in part by vampireborg's awesome Trimet tattoo.

I've become an avid commuter over the last year, spurred on by the availability of super-cheap annual Trimet passes from work. I finally did the math and figured that I'd gone about 225 miles on bus and MAX last week. It made me wonder if there's anyone out there with a comparable commute, or maybe even MORE!

If you're a Trimet commuter, how many miles do you log each week?

Second question: I keep hearing rumors of "incentives" for people who commute a lot via transit... sites where you can build up "points" and get fabulous merchandise, etc. My Googlin' did me zero good. Does anyone know about anything like this?

Third, I hate to admit it, but I LOVE this cloudy weather. :)
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For Sale/For Free... & legality question

1) $50 gift certificate to Beard's Framing, good only for custom framing job and expires September 1st (yes the one that is in just a couple days).  Here's my craigslist post: - note that I'll really take any offer from someone who thinks they'll actually use this, and that I don't mention it on CL but on "free" offers DPers also get preference

2) Cats, and kittens.  Oh my.
I got myself on the humane society waiting list to bring these two stray cats in, but they told me it may be February before it's my turn.  One black and white cat, small/medium, started hanging around my yard sometime last year.  I did due diligence trying to find out if it was a neighborhood cat without any results.  It had been pretty skitterish but after I put myself on the HS waiting list I started feeding it so I'd be able to catch it when my turn came, and it has warmed up considerably.  Spends probably 20 hours/day sleeping in a camping chair in my back yard.  Terribly flea bitten, probably has earmites, but pretty chill and friendly.  I am assuming it is either male or spayed (or both?) because in the last year and a half it hasn't been pregnant.

Cat #2 is almost identical to cat #1 except it's slightly smaller and definitely female and unspayed, because it is pregnant.  I'm not a kitten expert but I'm guessing there are going to be baby cats sometime in the next 2-4 weeks, which means there will be kittens ready to be adopted in, you know, 10-12 weeks or so?   This one is slightly less fleabitten for some reason but also probably has earmites.  It only started showing up maybe 5-6 months ago.  I want to say it's the daughter of cat #1 but maybe that's just because their markings are so similar I originally thought they were the same cat.  This one also warmed up quickly to getting fed and is super friendly, loves to be held and petted.

All these felines are looking for good homes - good meaning, where they'll get fed and given clean water and medical attention so they're not fleabitten with earmites, and neutered so they're not having/making more kittens all the time.

I unfortunately don't have photos yet but will get those & post them ASAP.  Or I could text/email them to you.

If you're interested in any of these, leave a message here, PM me, or get in touch with me through the CL ad info...

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Hey also, is it legal to drive around with a for-sale sign in your vehicle window (or any other sign for that matter)?  In NH where I grew up it is illegal.  I see a lot of cars driving around with for-sale signs, which doesn't mean it isn't illegal, and I tried googling but didn't find much except a story of a man who robbed a drive-through in a stolen car with a for-sale sign in the window.  Just wondered if anyone here knew.

Oregon State Fair!

Any of you go to the state fair yet? It'd been a few years since we'd gone, but I'm a sucker for fairs, probably because I went as a kid, even stayed for a few days when we were showing our dairy goats...yes, I was in 4-H briefly, believe it or not.

If you go, think about advance tickets, not because the discount is all that great, but because you don't have to wait in long lines to buy them at the can walk right up to the gate. (You can get advance tickets at Safeway, I think,) Also, consider planning to get there early. Like before they open (10 AM). Otherwise the backup for blocks to get into the parking area is a bit stressful. Parking is free, though.

And how can you pass up taking just a short drive to see sights like Collapse )