August 28th, 2010

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hay dp.

i stained a very expensive polo shirt with nutella last week. i washed it and i believe there are grease stains left.

is my shirt doomed? do you know any ways to remove these stains? could macy's take my shirt in and replace it if i tell them the stains were already there and i never noticed them?


Wonkery ahead:

If you don't like wonkishness, you might want to avoid this thread:

What do you think the 2010 election cycle is going to mean, for Portland, for Oregon, and for the country as a whole?

The biggest question is which party will control the house. We should make guesses on this, and then compare our guesses to what we find out in November.

Feeding duck ponds?

First off, is it against the rules of Portland to feed ducks/geese? Google helped me with NOTHING about this.

And if it isn't, is there any good spots where ducks congregate that's no more than an hour's bus ride from downtown? I've decided this is what I need to do tomorrow after work. If I can.
sweet lady

Drillin' holes

Do any of you know where I could go to get a hole drilled into a glass bottle? Maybe someone here has experience with this and can do it for me? I'll pay you!

I know that I can buy a diamond drill bit and do it myself but I would also have to purchase a drill as I do not currently have one.

I'd like to turn it into a night light for my pirate obsessed nephew.

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Touch-screen desktops

Does anyone here have a touch-screen desktop? I'm wanting to get an all-in-one desktop, and one of the options is to get one that is touch-screen.

Is it really that practical and helpful, or is it pretty much a gimmick where the novelty wears off quickly?