August 27th, 2010

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Why Would I Hate Zip Car?

My poor little Saturn is coughing up oil into the exhaust system, which means I can't pass DEQ, which means I can't re-register my car in the Portland Metro Area. What's with you wanting to BREATH Portland?

Zip car seems like a good deal (I live in close-in SE, with multiple cars close by), but everything seems like a good deal these days. If you've used Zip car why would someone (me) hate it? Feel free to gush about it too, but I'm convinced of the pros, I just want to know the cons!)

You lost your phone out of your van --

You: driving a white van with some logo on it in black lettering. I'm pretty sure the phone flew out of your window and landed in the intersection at 21st and Clinton around 12pm today. Unless it was dropped by someone phasing in from an alternate dimension - stranger things have happened.

The phone: Verizon, LG. Is it yours? Contact me and tell me what comes up on the screen, or call the phone.

Telemarketer bullshit time!

So somehow, my personal cell number has made it into some telemarketer graspy hands. There WERE three different ones calling me, one of them was able to be resolved by doing the "Please put this number on your DNC list, thank you." thing, but this other one is a little harder to pin down.

They've called me, they keep telling me I've won a contest which I know is bullshit. As soon as I say "I'm not interested," while meaning to tell them to put me on their DNC list, they hang up on me. And I cannot call IN to them, either no one picks up the phone or someone hangs up as soon as I start speaking.

So what can I do about that? If anything.

Tarot & PCOS

Happy Friday, DP!

I'm trying to find a store that has tarot decks out. You know, where you can picked up and look at the different cards themselves. I was going to try hitting up Moonshadow, but I haven't been there in years and remember at all what their tarot section was like.

I've been wondering for awhile if there are any support group-type things or meet-ups for PCOS patients in town. After being diagnosed for 2+ years, I only recently met someone else with the condition and it was pretty striking to not feel so isolated all of a sudden. Anyway, I know there are several people here on DP that have PCOS as well, so I was hoping maybe some of you would have a bit of info.

Danke schön.

Legend Pride 2 scooter on craigs list

Here's a copy of the ad. $50.00 less for a damned Portlander.

Excellent condition Legend Scooter Pride 2, tawny color, battery like new, goes over fairly rugged terrain easily and takes hills better then expected.
Got it during recovery for knee replacement and no longer need it. I'd like $400.00 for it but will entertain offers.

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donating one's car

A. one doesn't have to have be currently registered to donate one's car right? i can't see why that would matter, but want to make sure.

B. anyone have any suggestions for who to donate my car to? does it really make a difference (outside of the whole making sure it can be a tax deduction thing)/ is it really mostly about who i want to help support?

your car-donating experiences are welcome. i just want to do this in as hassle-free of a way as possible.