August 26th, 2010


One question a few statements

One, are there any of you who would like a free neti pot? I got sent a bunch of neti pot sample packs, and I'd rather give them away then let then have them languish under my sink until goddess knows when. They're still in their plastic wrappers and shipping boxes, and making for a really awkward conversation piece on my coffee table.

Two, I'm selling my car. You should buy it. In the words of my neighbor, it's a total panty dropper.
Check it out here. I'll throw in cookies or something, if you do and are a Portlander of the damned variety.

cardboard packing boxes available

Hi all.  I have 7 medium-large and 2 small cardboard boxes available if anyone needs them for packing or moving.  Can be picked up in the northeast near 76th & Halsey/Glisan.  Please send me an email at cappyhead at yahoo dot com if you are interested.   Thanks!

Clarification:  The two "small" cardboard boxes are UHaul "Book Boxes," measuring 12" x 12" x 12".

Crazy dance night!

Hey PDX cats and kittens. If you're like me you like dancing. And if you're also like me, most of the music clubs play probably make you want to throw up on your own mouth, but the thought of swallowing it back down is still less gross than staying and listening to more of the same.


Every last thursday, our very own amazing Chervona performs their guts out with vicious gypsy punk and Russian ballads.

And I'll be DJin' and throwin' down some tracks from all over the world (french rock'n'roll, latin ska, hungarian folk, etc.)

9pm - whenever... probably closer to 1amish or so.

Alberta Street Pub
1036 Northeast Alberta Street

And cheap! Only $7!!
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Another where do I find this post...

My question is specific and I want anecdotal evidence.

My hair is partially shaved, but mostly long, I would like to have the shaved portion touched up with a design, think vanilla ice.

Where in close in PDX/downtown can I find a place that is able to do this?

Edit: I am looking for a place where designs can be shaved in with some complexity, not just clippers, a place one might go to get Kenya or a soccer ball shaved into the hairs.


I've had a recent interest in western style boxing and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places in town to go, has had a good or bad experience anywhere, or currently do any of that kind of thing?

Looking for classes 'cause I don't know shit about it.

I've browsed a few websites of local boxin' gyms, but looking for a more personal testimonial.

A question for the East Coast transplants....

*NOTICE: please skip to next post if you are opposed to whining about first-world-problems*

My ladyfriend and I cannot be the only to ex-Massholes who have noticed the lack of good chinese food in PDX. Where is it?  


1) Golden chicken fingers ferfucksake!  I'm talking phallic shaped, all white meat, fried chicken goodness. None of this flubbery dark meat sesame/mar far chicken crap in the appetizer section.

2) Duck sauce that is duck sauce. Not random sauce that seems to be ketchup's chinese cousin. Duck sauce should be brownish or semi transparent orange colored, sweet and tangy. Not tomato-y.

3) Pu pu platters. Word.

So far the best we've found is Mar's Meadows on Hayden Island. Also Grace Su's China Gorge in Hood River is pretty good.

*EDIT for disclaimer: I do indeed realize what I'm looking for is NOT authentic chinese food. Also, I don't claim that the kind of food I'm looking for is the RIGHT kind of chinese... If it works for you that's great, it just doesn't work for me. I guess the bottom line is that the crappy/americanized chinese food out here is not comparable to the kind of crappy/americanized chinese food I'm missing from my childhood/teen/college years. And I've found that in general, ex east coasters can commiserate with my plight. 
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Fantastic, super cheap haircut!

I skimp on most everything except for my hair. I pay a chunk of change to get my hair cut/colored/etc. But unemployment does crazy things to a girl with split ends.

So I looked for a school in my neighborhood and kept driving by Marinello's on MLK and thought I'd give it a try. Called, told them I wanted a basic cut and had long hair, naturally curly (read: difficult), and they told me it would be $9.95.

Admittedly, I was nervous. But also poor. So the nervousness had to take a backseat. At first, I was a bit put off by the atmosphere. I showed up a few minutes 'til noon and people were just walking around completely ignoring me. Come to find out that everyone was on lunch hour (this is a school, after all) and it ended at 12.

Now, I watched some other people working on people and head...thingies with hair and I wasn't impressed. But Dana. DANA. So sweet, very polished looking, and even though she took a bit longer than I'm used to, I understood because she said she was only halfway through her schooling there and she wanted to make sure she got everything right.

Her instructor was there, ready to assist right away with any question of technique she had. Dana was very friendly, detail-oriented, and made sure my hair looked how I wanted.

Bottom line, I usually spend (not including tip) $60 for a haircut. Dana did a fantastic job, made sure I got exactly what I asked for, and including tip (and I gave her 50%) it came out at $15. I got a shampoo/deep condition, layered cut, blow dry, flat iron/style. So, while I can't speak for the other students, I think Dana deserves a clientele upon graduation. I wish I'd given her a bigger tip. I'll definitely be going back for my high/low-lights. Also, when you leave they give you coupons for future services and hair product samples.

Dana Beaudion
2540 NE MLK, 97212

(Tell her Nicole sent you! ;)

Oh, and picture of haircut.
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DDR pad for sale

A couple months back I purchased a fancy Cobalt Flux DDR pad, and have used it maybe ten times since purchase. I've posted it up on craigslist for sale, but figured I'd post here too. If one of you is interested, I'll knock $30 off what I'm asking for it. Here's a link to the craigslist posting:

It's a very nice product, just as responsive as playing in the arcade with a similar feel, but I never use it so it's silly for me to hang on to it.

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So for those of you who stayed, did Last Thursday actually wrap up around 10pm? I saw the folks in blue shirts that said "Event Staff" telling vendors that they had to shut down st 9:30.
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House sitter rec

We're looking for a house sitter September 10 - 24. The house is in Troutdale, walking distance to Edgefield and you can hear the concerts from the back yard. There is an elderly greyhound that is the sole reason for a house sitter. Just old and sweet, no special needs. Does anyone have any personal recs or know of someone looking for short-term housing?