August 25th, 2010


Animal tattoos

Hiya :)  Just wanted to stop by to post about a tattoo deal I'm offering up until Halloween:

Animal Portraits tattoos: Max size 5in x 5in, color or black + grey, for *$100* flat.

Check out my website for some previous work. You won't see any animal tattoos in there because I haven't had the opportunity to do any yet, hence the existence of this deal!

Email me at    if you're interested.

Thanks :)

ps: yes, I have lots of vegan inks now.
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cheap hotels to stay in during a job interview weekend?

Greetings again, damnedest of the P! I come to you once more with happy sappy love for your town, and a question. My wife has just been granted an interview for the job of her dreams (in the coolest city in the land, no less). We are overjoyed and filled with anticipation, but based on the short notice, sadly our first choice of lodgings is already booked through the middle of next month. The last time we were in town on an exploratory adventure, we spent a week at the McMenamin's White Eagle and loved it. On a previous visit, we stayed at the Jupiter and it was pretty cool too.

This time we will only be in town for a weekend, and won't be doing as much exploring around the greater PDX area (not bothering with a rental car) so what we really need is someplace cheap with access to transit, as the interview will be in the city. Please shower us with your suggestions, opinions, and anecdotes...and thanks in advance!
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Needing new Demo Reel

Hey Damn Portlanders!

We, Vagabond Opera, are on the hunt for a new demo reel as we're doing newer, crazier things.

Our last one is uh... insufficient. So we're having a meeting this Friday in regards to this very topic, as well as others.

If YOU have a demo reel and would like to be considered, please send an email to VagaBlogOpera at gmail dot com by this Friday morning... and this would be a PAID gig. And of course, we're on a tight budget, but it doesnt mean we can't work something out.

We're wanting to show off our band and looking for someone who could help us out with that.