August 24th, 2010

Damn Information

One of those green Information booths has set up in front of the Rite-Aid across the street from my work window, and I'm thinking of asking them some stupid questions. What are some really stupid questions I should ask them?

Portland-related cause I'm bored enough to post online soliciting stupid questions.
Tea whores unite secretly


Hey DP! I know this post is late in the day, but perhaps you'll see it while you're "paying attention" at work...

Tonight is the DP meetup! 7pm @ McMenamin's Tavern and Pool, but since we don't have any minors around, perhaps some friendly trivia next door at New Old Lompoc? If you show up after 7:30 and nobody is there, we're likely next door! And this month, there will be name tags!

McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 NW 23rd AVE
Portland, OR

Trivia @ 7:30
New Old Lompoc
1616 NW 23rd AVE
Portland, OR