August 22nd, 2010

Looking for a room

Damn Portlanders!

I'll be rejoining your ranks on August 30th after a month long stint working on the East Coast as an ESL TA. I'm looking for a place to move into when I get back.

If your house is looking for a young, energetic, positive, two-wheelin' lady powerhouse

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Whether you're looking for someone, or you know someone who is, email away:

eadiesn @

Thanks a million!

Flying to Ashland

Hey damnportlanders.

Hypothetically speaking: if you had the opportunity to fly in a small airplane down to Ashland for an overnight trip, and were willing to split costs, would you be all over it like the proverbial white on rice?

I have a pilot's license. I rent Cessna 172s out of the Troutdale airport, and I've been looking for an excuse to take me and my wife down there for a weekend (leave Sat AM, return midday Sunday). It takes a little under two hours to get down there - compare that to five or six driving. Only problem is the cost, it's about $480 roundtrip for the airplane. But if we happened to find one or two people interested in going down for the weekend and splitting costs, it makes it a lot more reasonable. It ain't cheap, but - only two hours. And no damn security checks to go through. And it's flying.
goth bunny silly

a toothy question

Dear DP
I have an oddly specific question! I need to get my retainer replaced as it recently stopped fitting (I have mutant teeth in my jaw that apparently like to move around). However, I grew up outside the US and had all of my orthodontic work done out of the country. Does anyone know of an orthodontist who would be willing to do an initial exam for free or cheap, and makes reasonably priced retainers? I don't have dental insurance, and am not really sure how this stuff works.

Thanks for any help!