August 21st, 2010

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Mentor wanted (Vancouver, WA)
Date: 2010-08-20, 5:15PM PDT
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A little about myself:
I am a transplant from the East Coast. I have always have had a slight interest in the Boston Red Sox. I also have dabbled a little with alcohol. Beer is okay and I have been told that tequila is the hard liqour of choice of a real man.
I am really looking to step it up in these areas of my life, that I feel are my major weaknesses. These were the single most contributing factors to my most recent divorce. Long story short, I am looking for a mentor that can guide me to the highest levels of obsessing over the Red Sox, beer selection as well as appreciation and also get me to the point where I can "pound tequila shooters with the best of them".
If this sounds like you, please inquire. I am willing to pay a hefty stipend to the right candidate. I could also use some goatee growing/grooming advice. Not a requirement, but I am willing to pay extra for that as well.
I would like to start on this newest phase of my life as soon as possible. Serious inquiries only please.

Best Regards.....

* Location: Vancouver, WA
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

Christ I'm bored.

How do you DamnPortlanders like to eat your DamnSteak?

Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell?

(does this sort of qualify as a SNNLC post? :D)

Lately I'm a proud member! :D
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couplea questions

1) what was up with all the light malfunctions yesterday?  All the lights on stark from 105th to 205 including the onramp lights were totally out of commission - not blinking, just blank.  Later on, the random one at the intersection of SE 82nd and the Eco Car Wash was on four-way blinking red.
2) Why is it that after this whole digital TV revolution thing, the elimination of analog broadcasts, I still get a couple (really fuzzy granted) channels on my TV with no cable hookup and no digital converter (no antenna either)?
3) who decided we had to go all digital anyway?  Was there a reason we had to all jump on board that bandwagon?
that is all for now
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Hey DP
wondering if any of you is an electrician/AV type person who might be interested in fixing a 10-disc car CD player in exchange for massage treatment from an LMT.  If you are, pm me or leave a note here and I'll connect you with the LMT with the malfunctioning CD player...