August 20th, 2010

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Allright DPers who dye their hair! I seek your suggestions and recommendations regarding something ever so important - hair! I've recently delved into dying my hair red - well, first time was auburn-ish. Unfortunately it didn't last all too long and now it's like...light brown or something. BAH.

I'm looking for good personal recommendations for reddish hair dyes that last (and maybe good ideas as how to make it last longer). I dye my own hair so I'm not really lookin' for a salon unless someone has a wicked good suggestion.

p.s. this is the color I used and loved, and yes I know this was cheap hair dye :)


This is related to my previous post. I'm going to Portland this weekend to go to Goodwill. I have some questions. Help DP!!!

1. How would I get there by the Max, which I'll be taking from Pioneer Square?

2. How would I get there by car from the same spot?

3. Where is the biggest Goodwill in the city? Is it well organized or is everything tossed into bins that you have to dig through (some of those are okay but if the whole thing is like that then which is another great one that is more organized)? The only one I've been to was a tiny one on a corner. I need a big one! :D

Okay so please help! Thanks!
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Wanted: HotWheels stuff

Back story - about 6 months ago one of the guys at work got a speeding ticket, and since then we've been leaving Hot Wheels on his desk. Because we love him like that. Well, Jim is going on vacation for a couple of weeks starting Monday and the plan is to turn his desk into a HotWheels track.

Anyone got cars or track looking for a new home for a good cause? I'm going to hit up the HotWheels store on 60th and Glisan next week and see what they have, but if you guys have any that we can have free or super cheap, PM me. We're looking for cars, track, carry cases, etc. Thanks.

This is what we did to him about 3 years ago. Jim has a coffee pot. Jim looooooooves his coffee pot. Jim's coffee pot only gets used to make hot water for tea. Randy found the same model in his basement that hadn't been, um, as well loved as Jim's was and swapped them. It was awesome.