August 19th, 2010

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thrifty beads and suchlike

Hey Portlanders,

I'm on a jewelry making kick right now mostly working with with wire and beads. So bead shops suck in terms of the $$$, well the ones I have been to anyway...

Anyone know of:

any thrift stores that sell random beads & random inexpensive jewelry that can be taken apart.

any other places that I might be able to get unique glass beads and wire pendants at a thrifty price?

Thanks :)

wanna get wood?

I have 12 pieces of lumber sitting in my basement room from a construction project that will never be, as I am moving out of my place.  Eight of them are 2x4x8, four of them are 2x4x12.  I'm asking $1 each for the short pieces, $1.50 for the longer ones.  You will have to pick them up in Woodlawn (north/northeast).

Incidentally, the room I am vacating will be for rent come mid-September.  It's a fantastically large basement, about 250 square feet, freshly painted in happy yellow sunbeam colors.  Yay!  The rent's $350 and there are three girls living upstairs.  My share of utilities never exceeded $25, though I've only been there a few months. 

Email me at ghagle(at)pdx(dot)edu for info on the wood or the room.
cognitive hazard

god, the fail.

Barack Obama believed to be a Muslim by one fifth of Americans

One in five Americans believes Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim and nearly half question his claim to be a Christian, according to a new opinion poll. [...]

According to the poll, 18% of Americans say Obama is a Muslim, a steep rise on a similar survey a year ago when the figure was 11%. The number of people who said the president is a Christian dropped to 34% from 43% last year.

Suspicion that Obama is an adherent of Islam is highest among conservative Republicans, a third of whom believe he is a Muslim. But there are doubts even among many of the president's supporters with fewer than half accepting his assurance that he is a Christian.

( Full story )

The stupid, it burns, etc etc etc.

computer speaker trouble

The speakers that came with my computer of 6 years (it runs fine with regular maintenance) seem to have died a few days ago. The weird part, however, is that when I went on my computer initially to screw around with the settings to see if I messed something up, the "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" box tells me I have "No Audio Device." The power turns on/off on the speakers and they're plugged in. So I bought another pair at Goodwill: same deal.

What is wrong with my computer/speakers and can it be fixed? Thanks.

Another Gaga question

Does anyone know if there's an opening act, or no? I've got assigned seats and want to know how late I can show! ♥ Thanks! You're the best, DP.

edit: You really ARE the best, DP! Semi Precious Weapons at 8 pm, Gaga by 9 pm.
neigh is kinda snarky.

union jack accessories

Sup! As an anglo-phile who happens to share a name with The Motherland, I have collected neat accessories with union jacks on them for many years.

In the last 2 weeks though, I acquired both a wallet and a makeup bag, and I am feeling the need to increase my collection (fun fact: I am a collector of collections. it's pretty pathetic actually)

So anyway, has anyone seen cool union jack accessories around town? I've googled and I've searched etsy, and even checked my regular haunts for neat items but I haven't found any that are right.

I'm specifically looking for a coin purse, but I'm interested in anything else you know of.

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Straw hat for a basset hound?

DP, I come to you with an overly specific question and a short timescale, which is UNPRECEDENTED IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COMMUNITY.

Anyway, I'm planning in marching in the Multnomah Days Parade with Annabelle the basset hound (in icon) on Saturday, and it occurs to me that it would be awesome if she had a straw hat with fake flowers to match mine. (I will then do up my hair in two long braid-loops to mimic basset ears and wear a brown, black, and white dress. The parade-watchers can debate which of us should be more embarrassed.) I'm perfectly capable of hot-gluing fake flowers to a straw hat, but I'm not sure where to get a dog-sized one. So far, I've struck out at Michaels and the Dollar Shoppe across the street from Michaels. I guess I'm looking for a straw hat for a largish doll (cabbage-patch size?). I don't want to spend much money on this, because I will be hot-gluing tacky things to it and putting it onto a dog's head.

Where, locally, would I go to buy this?

Also, feel free to show up at 10 am on Saturday and watch us! Come early for the pancake breakfast at 8:30! My favorite bar will be seating outside along the parade route at 10!
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