August 18th, 2010


Ugly sweater parties?

 I know this is friggin' early... I'll probably repost in November.  

I was invited to 2 Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties last year...  And I've been hearing from people that since that's become a "cool thing to do" no one can find these sweaters for cheap at Goodwill anymore.  

I live at a Marina where there is a free table that gets emptied on a regular if you kinda like it, nab it or it will go in the dumpster....  and I rescued festive sweater.  

FREE TO A GOOD HOME!  Let me know if you're interested or know someone that might be.

It's not exactly Christmasy... but it's Nautical which is almost better.....  Especially for the right person...
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Theoretical question: Burning Man vs. Carnival Cruise Lines

Say, for example, you are a young professional, living in an urban area, and earning a good amount of money in a growing field. Graphic design, lets say. Although you are a professional who has spent many years sharpening your verbal skills, you are very adept at communication, but you still live in a business world where communication is hierarchal and in a social world where self-expression is discouraged, unless your diversity is screened through a large filter of irony, part of a socially sanctioned lifestyle-minority group, or has alcohol for a cover story.

Anyway, in this situation, you wish to go on a vacation.


Carnival Cruise Lines, where you pay a bunch of money to get on a ship with strangers, go through a list of activities, and engage in some light alcohol fueled debauchery.


Burning Man, where you pay a bunch of money to go into the desert with strangers, go through a list of activities, and engage in some drug fueled debauchery.

After your week or two off, you go back to your tightly regimented culture. How have these two different vacations changed how you interact with that culture?
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Gaga ooh la la

Hey I was wondering if anyone has dealt with going to a Rose Garden show with general admission tickets? I'm seeing Lady Gaga tomorrow night and while I'm figuring I'll need to get there as early as possible I haven't been to a show at the Rose Garden in like 10 years probably.

Do they have actually chairs/seats or is just a free for all standing kind of thing? Am I gonna have to fight my way through crazy Gaga fans to get good pics or am I just screwed if I don't get a good seat? Any insight would be appreciated, couldn't find this info around.

Also any other DPers going?? I'm so excited!! Haters gonna hate!