August 17th, 2010


Fix Mah Cameraz

I have 2 Olympus Pen EE's that I love to death.....literally.
Both of them stopped being fully functional within a week apart. Can anyone suggest a place in Portland that has the ability to repair these types of cameras (specifically a PEN EE 2 & PEN EE 3 S)? One is having light meter problems and the other is having light meter/advancement/shutter problems.

and here are some of my photos from these cameras... if you're curious.
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Buy my stuff?

So my husband and I are moving next month to become DamnNewYorker's .. yep, we're relocating to Brooklyn so he can take a kickass job.

Know what that means? We have to sell EVERYTHING.. Mostly because we're going from an 1800 sq foot house with a 2 car garage, to a teeny tiny 800 sq foot apartment with no extra storage.

We've managed to sell most of our stuff, but still have a couple of things that might interest you?

Dining Room Table:

Gas Grill:

2006 Subaru Tribeca!

If you or anyone you know are looking for any of these items, let me know! :)
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Suggestions for sing-a-long Duets

It's my 2 year anniversary with my lady, and I was pulling together a little Mix CD of  duets which we can sing along to in the car.  Problem is, all the lists I find when I Google "best duets"  are pretty cheesy.  I'd rather not sing "Don't Go Breaking my Heart" or "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", if you know what I mean.

I'm actually looking for more fun songs --- stuff cut from a similar cloth as The Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else but You" or Barenaked Ladies "If I had a $1,000,000."

Thought I'd open the floor for suggestions?
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passion flower plants?

I'm working on a photo project, and I was just wondering if anyone here knew of any big passion flower vines growing in this fine city. You'd remember this flower if you saw one:

I'm not really looking for one in a nursery, though that would be the easy way to do this I guess! Anybody have one of these guys, or neighbors with a big vine growing somewhere that they wouldn't mind me snapping photos of?

Thanks, and snark away.

About to become one of those people. Talk me out of it?

I want to join a gym. I just downloaded a free 7 day pass to 24 hour fitness downtown. There are all kinds of "they'll steal your money!!!!111!!!!eleventy!!!!" warning signs floating around my brain and the Internets.

So, will they? How do I avoid that? From what my naive, flabby ass can tell, there's a monthly membership of $29.99 with no contract. The only catch is that you have to pay by pre-authorized credit card transaction, which is sketchy as hell, and they make you pay for the "last month" up front, which doesn't make much sense, but I'm willing to live with it (hell that's just two months of Age of Conan I have to give up...I can do that). I just called and the dude was like "oh it's no problem to cancel." But that's not what the Internets are saying. They're all, "AH THEY TOOK MY HOUSE OMGZZZZ!!!!"

So what's the deal, all knowing Portlanders? Am I about to embark on an epic journey of stupid that will rob me of all sense and money? Or should I go for it? And if I do go for it, how do I go for it intelligently?

Is there a better gym? I know LA Fitness isn't it, because they're $40 a month, and that's more. And nobody seems to have anything good to say about Bally's.


EDIT: So the digging that I'm doing seems to indicate the following:

1) The people with the worst problems with 24 Hour Fitness signed up for fixed term contracts or the like, and couldn't cancel them.

2) If I sign up for a month-to-month plan, with no contract, the worst that could happen is that they charge me for an extra month or two. I've heard of worse things. Honestly, anything more than charging for an extra couple of months is fraud, and can be dealt with from a legal angle. Easy.

3) Personal trainers try to sell you supplements. *shrug* Personal trainers cost more money anyway, and I'm not planning to use one.

Any other reasons I shouldn't join?

Mostly, people in this community are asking questions and wanting answers

This community is very prosaic.
All jokes about the bourgeois aside, there are many posts about where to look at, find, buy, fondle, etcetera the latest thing that must be looked at, found, bought and fondled.

We should have a spin-off community that is meant to be purely lonely rants about drunkenness, drunken rants about loneliness, or perhaps pure absurdism, screaming against the night that wraps us so tightly. But not the TRENDY type of absurdism. Oh no.

Or maybe we can just take back this community by posting fun stuff, and running it through the fun grinder.