August 16th, 2010

Funny Face

"Where Can I Find...?"

Another seeker here! Yes, I already did a search in the archives. I've been invited to a birthday party for a person I don't know very well. In fact, half of the summation of my knowledge of her is that she likes Homestar Runner. So, I'd like to try to find a Homestar Runner-related gift for her TODAY instead of just picking a gift with no association. Any guesses? Things From Another World didn't have anything.


a question and free hair stuff

1. Has anyone happened to see a good deal on a Magnifying Desk Lamp around town? Or have any suggestions to where I might obtain the best deal on such a thing?

2. Anyone with platinum/white blonde hair that wants half a bottle of "shimmer lights violet shampoo"? (it helps keep your hair all pale and removes yellow).

3. Also, anyone have the need for 4 un-used bottles of teal/turquoise shades of hair dye, ('color fiend' and 'raw' brands)?

Free and yours if you want it, send me a PM. I've been meaning to get rid of them forever, figured I'd offer DP before I freebox them.

Landscaper/gardener needed

My neighbor and I each need to plant a tree in front of our houses.  We've called one particular landscaping company that was recommended to us, with no response.  Does anyone know of a reliable landscaper/gardener type person that does tree planting?  We each may have some other work done in our yards, depending on price.  Thanks!
Astronomy sky nebula 2

(no subject)

Today I saw a jogger jogging (Yes! Jogging!) He had a band (perhaps an inch thick) around his chest, just below his pecs. I could not tell if it was rubber or some kind of fabric.

Why was he wearing this? What does this do?