August 15th, 2010



I'm in the market for a new vacuum cleaner that will last longer than a year, can deal with the massive amounts of pet hair floating around my house, and works well for hardwood floors/area rugs. It's time to graduate from our $49 Dirt Devil/Fred Meyer brand-o-choice and get something that actually works (and doesn't need to be replaced every single year).

So DP--sell me on your favorite (let's try to keep it under a couple hundred bucks). And as a thank-you in advance, vintage Ellen interviews Vacuum boy:

Pest Control: Yeah, get some!

I'm looking for some awesome pest control.  A company willing to get up in my crawl space, not just wander around the outside of the house.  I battled ants earlier in the year, as did many.  I know they'll be back.  And I just found a goddamn hobo spider!  I'm freaked the hell out as Ive been bitten before.  I dont care about organic.  I do have a cat.  And of course, great rates as my house is tiny.

Thanks damnportlanders!

swimming holes!?

 Kinda surprised no one has asked about this yet considering the hot weather. Maybe everyone's already out swimming at this point. I checked the tags but couldnt' find anything. 

Anyone know of any watering holes that are within about an hours drive that are awesome, may or may not be too terribly crowded, and won't get too upset about beer?

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Vets in Hillsboro...

I swore that someone asked this awhile back, but i couldn't find it in the tags. We moved to Hillsboro a bit ago and are looking for a vet out this way. We were thinking of Frontier Vet. Hospital as they got some great reviews, but they are kinda on the pricey side...anyone ever gone there before? Also anyone have other recommendations for Vets in Hillsboro/Beaverton area? I prefer to NOT go to Banfield, I'm sure they are great, but I prefer not to use them. The poops and the fat cat thank you!
Lara and baby Kal-El
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Volunteer opportunities?

I'm looking for opportunities to do volunteer work here in the Metro Area (I'm in Clackamas County, but I'm willing to drive), but I have no idea where to start looking. I have a background in teaching, including ESL, so maybe something with the schools or with immigrants? Does anyone know of anything I should look into?

And by "volunteer" I do mean "work for free", but if there's a paid position somewhere, I'm interested in it as well!

August Zones 1-2 Trimet Pass - $30

Hey!  I have an August monthly bus pass that I no longer need - still half the month left!  A two week pass costs $37.50.  Save yourself $7.50 and buy my bus pass to use for the rest of August!

$30.00 and most likely I can even drop it off for you! :)



Hey folks. I have just recently finally gotten my license and a car and have begun driving to work sometimes-- the issue is that downtown parking is real, real pricy for a whole shift.... do folks have any recommendations for cheaper structures/lots/permits etc. that might help me out? I work near SW 13th and Main.

Thanks for any info.
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food cartage!

Yo, DP!

I am new to the food carts of Portland. I love them. So far I have had fun trying out the carts by PSU and on 5th and Stark downtown.

Specifically: Brodogs (Yay!), Bulgoki Korean BBQ (potstickers OMGSOGOOD) and Parker's Waffles (Nutella + banana + bacon = BEST THING EVER).

I want to try more but am not very adventurous. Tell me what are the good things to order and where, and let's also just talk about yummy food!

I like downtown, but please tell me about your favourite food carts!

Damn roommate

Anyone in the area looking for or know of someone looking for a roommate that can't pay much rent but makes up for it 10 fold in charisma?
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EDIT: To all the people who are going to go off on the whole job market tangent, yeah thanks. I know.

Vocal coach?

I want to learn to sing! In a band! Mostly rock/metal. For fun. And I'm a lady.
Instead of snarky comments can you help me find a vocal coach? I'm starting from scratch. Halp?