August 14th, 2010

C&H Fight
  • seckela

That time of the Month

Just wanted to drop a line to DP listing a few services/material things up for monetary trade. That's right, I'm LJ whoring myself out :).

In service of all those who'd rather not see what I had to offer, I have included an lj-cut. Thanks again everyone for your time. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

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Cat Gun
  • seckela


I'm looking for a place I can pick up a Hardwood To desk, Simple medal legs prefered. Strong enough to hold monitor clamps, for under or around $400. Anyone know of a place? Doesn't have to be local.
butterflies in my ears

west side grub?

i have to make a dreaded trip to the apple store downtown, and i figure i might as well eat something while i'm on the west side. however, i'm oblivious to food choices in the area, and there are too many options to narrow down.

so, what's your favorite place to eat within a mile or so of pioneer place? the only requirement is casual atmosphere.

bonus for good gazpacho, because FUCK it's hot out.
Coraline not CAROLINE

Fun fun for everyone

Hey Portland, I'm sure SNNLC is in full swing, but what is going on in out fair city tonight? Preferably free and preferably all ages allowed (I'm not a minor, but my friend is) We're bored and bars/eating/clubbing are out of the question... we've exhausted walking around and taking photos, so please help us with the solution of how to satiate the need to do something!