August 13th, 2010


iPhone 3GS 32GB for sale

I have an iPhone 3GS for sale. 32 GB, black, running iOS 4.01, currently jailbroken and capable of being carrier-unlocked to run on any GSM network.

You can see pics of it in my Flickr set. In the pictures of the back, you can see the small (less than 1/4 inch long) crack in the back plastic. It's coming off the corner of where the dock connector is coming through, and it doesn't appear to affect the structural integrity of the back plastic at all. The screen is in "like new" condition because I kept a screen protector on it the entire time I had it.

I have the original box, dock-connector-to-USB cable, and power charger, along with all the in-box paperwork and goodies. It was originally purchased over a year ago, so it is out of its original warranty period.

I'm asking $300 firm.

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I know I'm opening myself up to all sorts of scorn/sarcasm for the vagueness of description but here goes...

Looking for a specific cafe/restaurant/diner in Portland with a menu that's different versions of mac and cheese. I've never been there, I just read a review of it once, and thought I saved link but now I can't find it. The name of the restaurant might have started with a "B"? Did a google search but none of them look like the place.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Help support a local filmmaker telling a fascinating Oregon story!

I've posted this here before, and this will be the last time I post this, but time is running out and I'd like to give it one last shot!

My friend Ted is making a feature film about the Creffield cult in Oregon during the turn of the century. He's mortgaged everything to create this, and this is the last fundraising effort he has to complete. Please donate if you can :)

Thank you!

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Non-bean food dishes/recipes

DamnPortlanders, I come to you in a humble hour of need. The Boything hates beans. HATES. Refried, red, pinto, black, white, kidney, you name it. If it's a bean, he won't eat it.

I have a crock-pot that came with a cook-book, however, a good 75% of the recipes have beans in them which leaves me with four recipes in the book that I will eat.

So I ask you, nay, BEG YOU, to share your delicious non-bean having crock pot recipes with me so that I can make food for the both of us and not want to clobber him over the head with a bowl of nine-bean soup.

(Luckily both of us eat meat, there are no strange food allergies/sensitivities/dietary restrictions. We enjoy vegetarian/pescetarian food, but stay away from vegan food because we haven't found anything we've liked so far. Just keep in mind that I despise cilantro and things with too much soy sauce. We're both down with spicy food, he loves Japanese and Mexican cuisine the best, and I'll eat pretty much anything if it's in stew form.)

Tea whores unite secretly

Tea tasting

Dear DP...

Not looking for high tea, I'll preface this post with that, but I'm looking for places that do tea tastings, kind of like a social event type thing... do these exist in Portland?