August 12th, 2010

Nikon D200

More photojournalism.

I get the awesome job of working for a media company here in town.
Tonight was my first TIMBERS game that I had the chance to shoot for.

it was so-very-awesome!

Portland, I didn't know that you loved soccer so much!

I was granted "All Access" are a few (only 6 of them) images if anyone is interested.

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All photos taken by Dustin Eppers
Nikon D200
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Me and Jenner
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Damn MREs?

Heya Deeps!

Once again, my dearest hubby has to head off to Egypt for about a week, due to business reasons. Due to his having gotten horrendously ill each time he's previously been there and has eaten the local cuisine, combined with the fact that he will be there during Ramadan, he REALLY wants to bring a full supply of his own food, so he doesn't have to eat ANYTHING locally.

The issue though, is that the hotel he will be staying at does not provide him with a microwave, only a small mini-fridge and an electric tea kettle (so he can boil water). Last time he went, he took a few of those dehydrated meals designed for camping, and while those were "ok" they're such a hassle to make (inevitably, the best-tasting one took almost 20 minutes to prepare, and he's so tired at the end of the day that he wants to be able to just eat immediately when he gets to his room.) that he's requested "something else."

He likes MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat, military rations essentially) and would be rather pleased if I could find him some of those to take with him. However, I don't know where in the Portland area I can find any! He leaves on the 23rd, so buying online is pretty much out of the picture, shipping a case of those things is expensive just at "snail's pace" shipping rates, and I'm pretty sure it would cost at least an arm and a leg to get 'em here in time.

Anywhere in the Portland Metro area is ok, though since I live in Wilsonville the shorter the drive, the better.  The only results of my Google searching are Andy & Bax, & Aloha Surplus. I plan on calling both those places once they're likely to be open, but there's got to be more than just two surplus stores in this area, right?!



Portland's got a lotta love for coffee and booze. This I like about the city. Consequently, I have many friends who are baristas and bartenders.

However, my bartender friends seem to make bank from tips while my barista friends tend to cry about the extreme lack thereof.

Why is it customary to tip your bartender who pours you a nice cold beer (or warm beer) and not the barista who pours you that mornin' pick'me'up?

Why do you (or don't you) tip one and not the other?

And this isn't calling anyone out. Because I realize I don't ever really tip my coffee person. And I feel sorta dickish about it now. Thoughts?
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Thrift Shops?

Hi. I'm down in Salem, but I want to go to Portland with my birthday money to buy awesome random stuff. I looove thrift shops, including Goodwill. What good ones are up there that are cheap but have lots of cool stuff?

Hokay, so...

I am moving to California at the end of September, specifically the Fresno area. I've searched high and low in this thing called "LiveJournal" and while I WAS excited to find "LJFresno", the last post was like in April. I'm sure there are damnCalifornian's up here... where did you go on the intartubes to find people/events/cupcakes in the area? I'm moving down there with my boyfriend to go to school, so meat market/singles thingies are not what I'm looking for. I've tried and I am not pagan, pregenant, a swinger, or looking to get jiggy, so not a lot on there for me.

Anything else I should look into in the Fresno area? Anything super cool? At all?
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Bike Naked!

Thank you, but I knew that.

So my boyfriend and I like to go bicycle touring. Pack up some clothes and food and the camping gear, attach to the bikes via racks and panniers and straps, go somewhere else, whether just for a night or traveling for many days.

Yesterday we were on our way back from a campground just outside the town of Cougar, Washington (I think it was called Beaver Bay?).

We were just on the outskirts of the town of Woodland, when a minivan drives by and a woman yells out the window: "This is not Portland!"

Memo to said woman: That phrase could mean a number of things. Such as: "We don't like bikes around here, unlike you weirdo city folk." It could be a warning towards our safety: "Careful, people here don't look out for bikes like they do in Portland."

Or maybe you thought we were lost. Thank you, but we knew where we were. I am curious how you knew we were from Portland though, as on our travels we've met people from all over who bike tour.

As a side note, while we do sometimes ride in the lane (to the right as much as possible) due to road conditions etc., this time we were totally in the shoulder. We were not blocking or slowing traffic in any way.
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beatnik betty

local fashion show at the Benson Hotel

If you are looking for an excuse to check out a local fashion show, I highly recommend ROCK THE RUNWAYS v5.0 happening this Saturday night at the Benson Hotel on NW Broadway.  Here's a link to the Facebook Event Page:!/event.php?eid=111018608948787&ref=ts

The all ages pre-show party and entertainment will be held beginning at 7:00 PM in the Palm Court, Fireside Room, and Crystal Ballroom of The Benson Hotel. An all ages VIP after party to follow in their 4 Diamond London Grill Restaurant. This is Portland’s premier rock fashion show and the not to be missed fashion event of the summer.

General admission tickets are only $10.00!
VIP tickets are $20.00.  (includes light hors d'ourves) 
Rock Star level tickets are $50.00.  (includes drinks and dinner)

Tickets can be purchased at the door, or ahead of time at

And yah, I'm one of the "sponsors" - Beatnik Betty Media. ;)