August 11th, 2010

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Hey damnportlanders!

I'm new to the area, and currently apartment hunting, but coming up with nothing! I'm looking for a 2 bedroom, under $1000 range, but it seems like everything is either trashed.......or one place that looked good said I was above the income level(!?!?!?....they didn't advertise being HUD or anything...).  I am hoping it's in an area to be able to bike/walk most places, but I do have a vehicle for emergencies and roadtrips.

Any tips at all?
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kitten adoption assistance - signal boost

For a change this isn't local, but I know we all have friends across the US so I'm hoping this will help:


My roommate found this kitten the other day crying in the rain outside our apartment. I've called basically every shelter within a 3 hour drive and they are all full (thus she will be euthanized if I don't find anything). This kitten is super cute, affectionate, and playful, so I'm sure she would have no trouble getting adopted, but I'm moving in a few days. I've posted on Craigslist and in other communities, but have yet to find anything promising.

If you know anyone in Iowa (near Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Waterloo), St. Louis, Nashville or anywhere along the way who may want a kitten, would you please let them know she needs a home? I can take her as far as Nashville, but I'm then heading back to Oregon and the trip is really too long/difficult to have this kitten with me. This is seriously one of the nicest kittens I've ever seen and I do not want her euthanized!

Please contact the OP if you can help or know someone along that route! Thank you DP, you rock! If you click on the link you can see a picture of the kitty, she is very cute. :)
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Carport Canopy Storage Question

Good morning!

We have a "Costco Barn" or 10x20 canopy similar to this one:

It comes in a cardboard box... This box is now falling apart.

I had a feeling that there are enough people on this list who go to burning man and possess this structure who may or may not have had to deal with this situation.. Is there some kind of carrying case you can get or purchase?

My question to this list is how would you solve the riddle of finding a case/bag a 8 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot square object? Is there a place here in town that would carry such object?

:) Thank you!

Where the heck can I find...

It seems like this should be simple, but I am having trouble finding local stores with reflective tape. Let me specify: a large variety of reflective tape. I am doing the walking version of Hood-to-Coast, the Portland-to-Coast walking only race, and my team has a star theme. (I am getting REALLY excited!) I bought a star hole-punch and now I would like to punch holes in something! I went to REI and picked up their yellowy-greeny reflective tape, but it is EXPENSIVE and there is only one color... so, actual brick and mortar stores, please. Downtown or NE preferred, but I'll drive most anywhere in Metro area.

And any other suggestions from you veteran runners/walkers on how to get the best experience at HTC/PTC. Thanks!
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Break a window - save a dog!

Hello OR Law Adept Deeps!

Hypothetical situation:

If I were to break a car window in order to save a distressed animal who is locked in said car on a hot, sunny day - could the owner of the car press charges for vandalism (or whatever it is)?

Does Oregon law recognize animal endangerment in a way that breaking a window to save the animal would make be considered a reasonable course of action (and not punishable by law), or could I get in trouble for it?

NOTE: This scenario is assuming that I would have made a reasonable attempt to locate the owner and also called the police to notify them of the incident and come down, if possible.

Thanks for your input! :)
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So tell me, damnportlanders:

Where is your favorite place in town to buy shoes in town? Shoes that are both cute and wearable. Reasonably near downtown would be good, too.

I mean, places that have more than flip flops & cute little heels. I have very picky feet and I have a hard time finding good shoes.
Bonus points for places that have a good selection of shoes with velcro closures
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Help Me Volkswagen Mechanics! (No, nevermind)

EDIT: Got it!

My steering wheel has been loose the past few days. Today it just sort of slipped as I was making a turn. (Scary) I found just the right position to hold pressure (about 7 O'clock) to make the wheel grab. I am trying to remove the steering wheel so I can see what is going on to put it back on. The forums all say it is easy just pull, but something is holding it on. If anyone knows what I am talking about can you please call me or something? I am sort of desperate at this point and broke so taking it in to a shop is out. I will be forever in your debt!