August 10th, 2010

Adult Soapbox Derby + Selling another damn bike

Hey guys! This Saturday is the adult soapbox derby- any of you going?
I made it down last year, and man, what a blast.

There's more about the event here.

A Facebook event page here.

Hopefully I'll see one or two of ya!

I didn't feel like making another damn post about selling another bike, since this post is still on the front page, but due to growing 4" since I bought my bike, and my other half finally getting it through my thick skull that I should probably get something that's my size, I'm selling my beloved bike. It's fantastic for all you taller ladies and around average height men. I'm around 5'10, and it's just a bit too short for me. Here she is. If the Craigslist post is still up, I still have her.
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Science Pub at the Bagdad Thursday- Roach on Mars, $3

I read Mary Roach's book "Bonk", which is on the science of sex, and laughed my way through it - falling off the chair kind of enjoyment, and it was educational. She did another book, "Stiff", on dead people, which was very amusing, but kinda morbid. Her book that just came out, "Packing for Mars", is on space at what humans need to do to live there.

How funny is this lady? Well, she more or less matched wits with John Stewart on the Daily Show. If you like that video clip, come see her live.

7-9 pm Thursday evening at the Bagdad on Hawthorne
$3 suggested cover
Recommend you show up an hour early if you want food.
(I'm one of the volunteers there)
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Going Down South (Roadtrip Suggestions!)

We are headed south this month for a road trip and are looking for some suggestions on must do activities.

Please keep in mind that we are physically fit and LOVE the great outdoors. We’re interested in hikes, hot springs, big trees and must sees (like crazy cool diners and large balls of twine). We are also poor.

Suggestions for fun and memorable activities near:

Crater Lake

Redwoods (northern Cali)

And anywhere in between!

Damn Artists (housing)

I have this pipe dream that I really want to start making a reality. I want to live in a house full of artists who I can live with/ learn from/ and be encouraged by (and vise versa!). I've heard of communal living environments or houses like this elsewhere, but I've never heard of one in Portland or the surrounding area.

Are there any houses in North Portland, Vancouver, or Camas that are full of artists that might be looking for a room mate this winter?

If there aren't any such houses - are there people who might be looking join me and put one together?
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Auto Mechanic House-Call?

Tried to drive into work yesterday, only to find that my car will not start.
I don't think it needs a jump but it certainly won't start - the engine seems to be turning over, but it isn't catching.
I'm in North Portland and I've got no idea how I'm going to get it somewhere where it can get fixed.

Does anyone know of a Diagnostic Mechanic who does House-calls?
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Looking for Street Team Members

Hey Portlanders!

We, Vagabond Opera, are looking for three street team members to distribute 25+ posters for our upcoming show at the 1st Annual Portland Folk Festival!

We're playing August 20th and need posters to plaster the town, mostly in the North/North East Portland area.

In return, we shall give you TWO free tickets to our August 20th show and a piece of merch of your choice!

Post a comment here or email VagaBlogOpera at gmail and we'll get back to you ASAP.

First three viable persons are in! Thanks so much!

More info of PFF here!

(no subject)

Does anyone by chance know if they will have Warped Tour tickets for sale at the gate? I have seen them do this previous years, but I want to be sure that it is still an option. I'm trying to avoid a $10 surcharge per ticket... also, do you know if they would cost more at the gate? I can't find any info in my searching so far... :-/ I know it's a longshot that anyone would know, unless they are working at the event or something... *shrug* Thanks!
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Where would you go camping for the meteor shower?

Hey there. Any of you guys camping out for the Perseid Meteor Shower peak? We could use some help picking out a camping spot.

We're thinking of camping out just on Thursday night and coming back Friday. Naturally, we want to be where there is little to no light pollution. Also, if it's possible, we'd like to avoid too much gravel-road driving.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

I'm about to move, and in the process of packing up my bathroom I've found several products (mostly shampoos/conditioners, some self tanners and lotions) I purchased, used anywhere from a quarter to half of, and decided they weren't for me. Is there anywhere I can donate them, or should I just throw them away? (In an ideal world, I'd love to donate them to a homeless shelter or something - but I can totally respect if they can't take things that have been used just in case someone's screwed with them. Kind of the sad reality we live in.) Does the mighty DP know of someplace I can donate these to people who could use them?