August 9th, 2010

bruce lee
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Today's Groupon is for Flavour Spot, which is one of the things I miss most about living in my old house in NoPo, a mere two blocks away from the cart. Rolling out of bed late on a Saturday, and strolling up the street for delicious waffles with a host of sweet and savory fillings? Uh, yes please!

So, get yourself a deal on some DamnWaffles!:
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Camping in October/November

After September, my work hours start to drop drastically and thus I'm left with a lot of free time. What better way to spend that time than camping, right?

What are your favorite places to camp in Oregon in October/November? Doesn't matter if it's Southern Oregon, Eastern, etc. In fact, I'd figure Eastern Oregon would probably be best since it's the most likely to be dry that time of year, right? Or maybe that would suck because of how cold it would get at night, I don't know.

I'm looking for rustic-ish areas, although not too rustic. AKA, tent camping, preferably can park your car at the camp site, bathroom would be nice, running water isn't necessary, and absolutely no RV parking.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! =)

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Hey everyone, I've got two things going on I'd like to offer up here. Hopefully some of this catches your interest.

The short version:

Bicycle for sale: Got a nice road bike for sale, will be good for anyone 5'5"-5'8". Pretty good condition, and built to last forever! Cheap and awesome!

Online store -- Need guinea pig business: I need a business that wants to get an online store for their products setup. It's free to you, you just have to deal with some user interface revisions as I work on making the system more intuitive for Content Admins.

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My hairs need shortening. Any recommendations for stylists that do good work on short (pixie-ish) lady styles, preferably ones who wield their scissors on the East side? I didn't find anything terribly recent using pertinent tags, so fill me in!