August 8th, 2010

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Places to live that allow larger animals

HEY, all you beautiful DPeeps. I have a question I'm asking for a friend: what's the best way to find a place to live in-town that would accommodate a larger animal?

Short version is, said friend has a total sweetheart of a 65-lb. rescue dog (well-behaved, has references, etc.), and has been interested in moving up here for a while, but hasn't had a lot of luck finding a place that'll take pets over 20-30 pounds.

Thanks in advance!
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bridge pedal

So I checked out their website, and looking at the routes and times, it looks like it may pretty much be impossible to get across the river to get downtown until I right?

ETA: found the missing link answering the question!
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Some questions for you

Hello Portlander's my name is Vesna and live in on 63rd Foster/ Powell.

I was wondering:

--Where is a good place to get an engraved dog tag nearby?

--Any Croatian people on here? (I want to work on my language skills!)

--Any fun stuff happening today?

ALSO: I am looking for some cool people to hang out with, I lived in Portland for a while but spent the last 6 months in DC, I do have friends (am not socially "weird" or anything ;)) but people are busy with their own stuff. I have a boyfreind but he's in DC for now.

I like dogs (and animals in general), drawing & other creative stuff (but don't take it seriously), long bike rides, bookshops, and sometimes I like to dance the night away. I am a good level of nerdy.

Looking for people to have interesting conversations over coffee with, to have arts and crafts sessions with.

My dog would like to meet yours as long as it's not too big (she's teeny).

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Giovanni's Restaurant - Good or Bad?

Taking some friends out in Beaverton later, and was thinking of trying a restaurant I've never been to called Giovanni's. It's Italian food, which is cool, but I was wondering if any of y'all had anything experiences you'd like to share. Thanks in advance!
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I know there's a few of you fine DPers that are in need of a new bike

My better half literally just bought this bike yesterday on Craigslist, rode it once around the parking lot last night, rode it again this morning, and then realized that it just isn't going to work for what he wanted it for. It's a pretty awesome men's Trek 4000, with bonus pictures of my messy house/balcony!

So, his loss? your gain.

Check it out

Blaag Recommendations

What blogs do you like?  I used read a bunch, but so many of the ones I used to enjoy have gone defunct.  I'm interested in general interest stuff (like boingboing), humor (, and this-is-what-I-did-this-morning (, what LJ used to be).

Not really interested in: tech, product reviews.  If it's interesting but poorly written that's out too I'm afraid.

And yes, I'd like to read your blog too!  Let's party like it's 2005.

Shameless promotion with a cause!

Friday the 13th
Blacklist Gallery & Tattoo is doing Friday the 13th $13 tattoos ($7 mandatory tip so $20 all together.) You'll be able to pick from a huge sheet of flash. If we can get at least 200 people to participate we'll donate half of the proceeds from that day to Portland Public Schools Art Department. Tattoos provided on first come first serve basis, shop will be open at 11 am and go until we can't tattoo anymore.

Blacklist Gallery & Tattoo
2307 NE Broadway
503 796 0086
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Female pet owner seeking a damned shared home

Hey guys! Unfortunately the epicly awesome house I'm living in right now has its lease up September 1st. Since the other roomies are leaving I kinda figured it was a sign I should too, plus it'd be easier to move than find two new ones. I have an ad on craigslist, but if you know anyone looking for an awesome housemate show them how incredible I sound. I do have pets if that matters.

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