August 7th, 2010


Vancouver anyone?

If you've got a little free time tomorrow (pre- or post-Bite Of Oregon?) I encourage you to drive all the way across that big river and visit Vancouver for this artwalk/festival.  My partner is there with her paintings (and I'm there hanging out with her), we'd love it if you stopped by to say hi - take the city center exit, go straight up C street to the parking lot just past Evergreen.  There's also a really interesting stained-glass-type artist stationed beside her, live music, good food...and no entrance fee.  There's more info in this article from the Vancouver Voice:


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Finding a place is difficult these days. Yes, I'm amongst the hordes looking for a place to live.

But in my searching, I came across the oddest set of floor plans.

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That's funny to me for some reason...

/goes back to scouring padmapper/hotpads/CList etc..

oh and.. SCREW ApartmentRatings. It's worthless. It's like YELP.. worthless opinionated idiots.

adult dance classes!

And no, I don't mean "adult", wink wink nudge nudge. Just for grown ups. Fall schedule at Studio 1 Dance Academy in Miwaukie was just posted and there are several all-age and adult-only classes this fall. Currently open are beginning ballet, intermediate ballet, beginning jazz, lyrical/contemporary jazz which is 12-adult (I will be in that one, and 2 other adults were in it also last year), intermediate tap, ballroom (they're doing swing this time around! fun stuff, couples only), yoga on two different days, and zumba fitness, one in the evening and one in the morning on different days. Lots of options! (and knowing Diana, she may add some more) It's a fabulous studio, come and dance with me!

(I will for sure be in the lyrical, intermediate ballet, and intermediate tap - probably one of the yoga, possibly one of the zumba, still waiting for some of the TBAs to be clarified...)
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'Allo all,
So, I've got a bunch of indoor-cat friends and want to drag them out of the house this summer.  I'm thinking of a nice, easy float down the Clackamas, but I don't have enough pfds for them all and none of us actually own an innertube.  My question to you:

Where can we rent pfds and innertubes around town (preferably SE)?  I was thinking of Deek & Bryan's, but didn't see anything on their site.  Bonus points if we can get some sort of foot pump accessory as well.

Many thanks!
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Pentium D hardware

Hey folks, I'm looking to buy a Pentium D processor around 3.2GHz (or the Pentium EE equivalent). I have a crappy 2.66GHz Pentium D 805 that gets sad when it gets hot. If anybody has one of these old chips lying around and wants to sell it, let me know. Can't afford a new rig right now. Extra bonus points if you know it runs stably when hot. My heat sink collects dust quickly.

cavatelli anyone?

Anyone know where I can get frozen Cavatelli pasta? I'll buy the dry ones too, but I much prefer fresh or frozen to the dry. thanks much! oh and really I'll go just about anywhere to get it so location doesn't matter much.