August 6th, 2010

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Special Effects Hairdye


Today I want to ask you fine people if you know of *any other store* besides Spartacus Leathers that sells Special Effects Hairdye in Portland, OR.

I know that Hot Topic does not sell it, any longer.

Thanks in advance! :D

EDIT: Thanks to all of you so much for your help- I think we've got a total of 4 stores to reference, now!

Another State of Mind (503-224-8259) sells it for $12.99/bottle.
Alteration Nation (503-234-2045) sells it for $11.95/bottle.
Spartacus Leathers (503-224-2604) sells it for $13.99/bottle.
Metro Clothing (503-234-9667) sells it for $13.95/bottle.

I'm going to add this to my memories because I'm a space cadet. Cheers, everyone!

Car insurance

Eek! I just realized that I let my car insurance lapse. Now State Farm won't reinsure me until my December 2007 accident has cleared from my record (it takes 3 years, they say). The agent gave me the number of a "high-risk" company called "Well Planned" (lol irony) that will insure me until the accident clears.

My question: is it true that only a "high-risk" company will insure me over two and a half years after a fender-bender? If so, is it worth shopping around to find the best rate? Have you any agency recommendations for me?

We are supposed to go on a road trip tomorrow, so any help within the next few hours will be appreciated to the furthest extent of my ability. Thanks!
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NLC ala Journey

When the lights go down in the city
and the sun shines on the Willamette
Oooh I wanna be there in my bedroom
staring aat my compuuuter screeen

So you think you're lonely
well my frieend I'm lonely too
I need to know what you're up to tonight
because it's the N L C

Mmk done being clever. What's up?

recycling worn out clothing?

I have been keeping a box of clothing in the garage that's far too worn out to be donated. Can I take this somewhere to be recycled/reused/turned into hipster clothing, or do I have to throw it out? I've already checked out Metro's recycling page and it doesn't have any resources.

Edit: Apparently Goodwill will take them and the stuff they can't sell will be diverted to textile recyclers. Also, Far West Fibers takes old shoes and Nike grinds them up to be made into track fill and rubbery top.