August 5th, 2010


Awesome photos...

I know a lot of you photography buffs and general history peoples may enjoy this:


Captured: America in Color (vivid color slide reproductions from 1939-1943.)

Some amazing amazing pictures. Ones that got me were 54 and 66, where the super-hard-working women of the era. And yet, they still have painted fingernails. Such a crazy mix.

I love stuff like this. Other ones I like, the boy in 31, the strain and weariness of the guy in the last picture, and the clarity of the welder in 62.


[I've scoured the tags and googled the hell out of it, but I'm looking for more personal opinions].

My boyfriend and I are planning a camping trip for the end of August as belated birthday presents to ourselves. We were originally pretty set on the ocean, but most of the campgrounds are already full or are very close to full and I'm kind of realizing that it might be a lot more enjoyable to be somewhere less crowded and am willing to not be at the ocean if it will mean we have a more peaceful experience.

So, guys, I'm looking for some campground opinions! Here's what's important to us:

-I'm the only one who drives, and I probably don't want to go much more than 4 hours-ish away from Portland.
-I'd like there to be some kind of running water, but this could be negotiable.
-We want to do a fair amount of hiking, so somewhere with accessible trails and pretty things to look at (mountains, oceans, rivers, giant-ass trees, etc) is pretty essential.
-The more private and basically secluded, the better. We'd like to go to a place with pumps and bathrooms, but there have to be a million beautiful places to camp that aren't going to be nearly as busy as the "big name" campgrounds on the coast that everyone's heard of. We want to be able to sit in our camping chairs and not have to look right at the people in the site next to us (or hear their camp noise and vice versa).

So most secluded, beautiful campgrounds around, anyone?
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Jumping ship

Hey everyone, basically I'm a naive momma's boy who moved in with some strangers from Craigslist and now some shit went down and I need some I understand it there are a couple lawyers and more than a couple smart people in this community so I figure I'd hit you all up for some advice regarding my financial liability. Before you put me on blast, yes, I did search a bunch of old posts and used the tags as best I could to try and get a better understanding of my situation before rushing over here with my inane blubbering. Anyway, that being said, here's the rundown:

4 people on a lease

2 people move out, 2 move in (I am one of the two moving in)

As far as I know the other two staying did not sign a new lease or re-negotiate the current agreement, nor did I nor the other person moving in sign anything. The best I can figure is there was some kind of verbal agreement to the effect of:
"hey landlord dude two dudes are moving out and two other dudes are moving in and covering their rent until the lease is up in 3 months."

A week before the last month's rent was due, the other person besides myself not on the lease skipped town without paying anything. The two on the lease got a bit freaked out about losing their security deposits seeing as how the basement carpet was in pretty bad shape following the aforementioned roommate's exodus, not to mention the issue of covering his rent.

After scanning the legal advice/housing advice tags, all I've been able to glean is:

Even if nothing was signed, I would still qualify as a tenant legally due to the landlord passively assenting to my staying there and paying rent.

So then my questions become:

Is there some kind of "default" agreement that I am bound to, or am I somehow grandfathered into the current rental agreement?

Am I legally liable for any portion of the rent of the person who bailed, and/or any kind of security deposits despite having not signed any lease or agreement etc. etc.

Any insight or help is greatly appreciated!

cut flowers

does anyone know of any local, possibly independent growers of cut flowers (as in for bouquets and such)?  I am doing a few simple things for a commitment ceremony and the couple has stated that it's important to stay seasonal and local if possible.  Have truck, can drive.  thanks in advance.
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Looking for a room to rent aka f-u california

Dear Fruit Flies,

I was just "evicted" by my long-term life partner and roomie because I wouldn't go down to California and get "married." Ås a lifelong homosexual, I'm appaled by the overturning yesterday because if I wanted to get married I would just be straight. I don't understand why Don would do this to me. I have no choice but to seek out a new place of residence at least until this stuff blows over.

I'm in my early 30s and would prefer to keep living in NW Portland. Don lives near 21st and Glisan and would prefer to be at least four blocks away but less than 12. Just want to make sure he bumps into me on a regular basis at the markets and bars.

I'm a cuddly bear and given my current personal issues should avoid living with a cub. If you're a female between 24-29 with a spare bedroom to rent, I'm your ideal new roommate. Seriously, I can cook, clean, and am happy to listen to how your day went each night, If you're a fruit fly... I'm your rotten fruit.
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damn gallstones?

I know hospital recs are asked all the time but either I can't read or there isn't a "hospital" tag. :/

I have gallstones, and have been having attacks for a year and a half now. The attacks are coming frequently and painfully enough now that I've finally decided that maybe just removing the damn gallbladder will be a wiser move than waiting to get pancreatitis/a blood infection, but I have no insurance. I'd really like to get it removed before school starts (august 23rd) but have no idea how well just walking into a hospital and demanding they remove my organ would work, particularly once I tell them I have no insurance.

Are there any hospitals around (i'm in vancouver, but i don't care where i go as long as it gets out) who offer financial aid for the underemployed and underinsured, and who won't spend weeks referring me to different departments before I finally get offered the chance at surgery?

My other option is to try and set myself into an attack and drag myself into an ER, but I think I'd rather go through labour again than ever have another gallstone attack. :/ Thanks everyone.
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Where should we go on our "mini-moon"?

Hey DP,

My fiance & I are having a quick, simple wedding October 4th here in Portland. We have a few extra days following the wedding for a mini honeymoon, aka "mini-moon". We will take a big honeymoon later on.

Question: Where should we take our mini-moon?

I'm looking for romantic, local ideas. No farther than a 5 hour drive please.

Thanks :)
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call for graffiti/street artists

hey DPers!

i am organizing a collaborative art show that will be held on first thursday (september 2nd), and am looking to meet a few more local artists who would like to display 1-3 pieces in the show.

the themes we are interested in are graffiti art, street art, abstract and/or surrealism, and screenprinted art.

the show will hang in a local winebar for a month. the space is very large, and there are several different colored wall and lighting options. you can sell your work (with a small commission taken by the owners), or you can just put your contact info near the art.

hit me up here if you are interested, or know someone who may be!

please note: i'll only be able to work with you if you have photographic examples of your work, so i can see jpgs in advance.

thanks everyone!
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Is there a tailor in the house?

I need a tailor for a few basic alterations on some slacks and a suit jacket. Unfortunately most of the bigger menswear shops are booked for the month. Is there anyone here who can do some quick work (within a week)? Do you know of anyone? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.