August 4th, 2010

Lego Castle Making

Yay Vacay!

Hiya lovely peeps of DP! My one 'n' only vacation is approaching & though I'm doing my own research, I figured I'd pop in here if anyone has places to visit since y'all are so full of wisdom and knowledge! My destination is San Francisco & we're driving down. For anyone who's been there (or driven that way) I'm looking for the following:

1. Any cool places to stop along the way - random roadside attactions, rivers, photo ops, etc
2. Any must see and or/ neat places to visit IN San Francisco (I'm already doing some amusement parks, Fisherman's Wharf, etc)?
3. Any sites that tourist sites WOULD reccommend that are actually a big waste of time and should be avoided?

Thank ya :)

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Insurance For Self Employed Damn Portlanders?

I currently have Regence BlueCross/BlueShield that I self insure through. They recently took away the dental portion of my plan. (Without lowering the premium of course.) Does anyone have an insurance company that they self insure through that they actually like? (Edit) I'm open to switching companies for all my healthcare needs, not just dental.
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Another damn housing-offered post....

To make it damn quick and simple, there is a room in my house that needs renting in SW Portland. Super close to bus lines (39, 43, 12, etc.) and good shopping.

It's 11x11 in a more modern house and three awesome housemates in their mid-20's. We are law students so the house would be perfect for a graduate student or working professional. You will find us quiet, clean (but not obsessively clean) and super friendly nerds. No smoking, some drinking, organic-minded, composting, love cooking, studying friendly, LGBTQ friendly, etc. Rent is below $500 + 1/4 utilities. We have a small older cat and dog but can't have any more cats and dogs. If you are super awesome, MAYBE another cat assuming they would get along with my kitty. Caged animals would probably be okay too.

We are really awesome, I promise.

Message me or e-mail me at lurath at gmail dot com with questions or whatever.


Ok, I know we had a hella wet spring, and as a result we have these "floodwater mosquitoes" that bite multiple times and are little bastards. However, the objective fact is that last year we had NO mosquitoes, as far as I can recall, and this year I'm like anemic from blood loss and covered in itchy welts. I know I'm particularly delicious to mosquitoes, but this is extreme - even for someone like me who comes from Oklahoma, where the mosquitoes are the size of small horses.

So, having been here about 18 months, what I'd like to know from those of you who have been here longer is - what's the norm for mosquitoes here? I've had one summer with no skeeters, and one summer with skeeters everywhere.

Also, in a skeeter-filled summer like this, when do the little shits die?


*scratch scratch scratch*

Weird lights in the sky

So, I was at Kells on 2nd and Ash today, and looking out of the door way (about 9:10PM or so), my sister and I saw these tiny lights "floating" through the sky, going up and up very slowly until they were gone. At first I thought it might have been a firework, but the lights just kept rising up from the East.

Did anyone else see this or know what it could have been?
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A damn sales job opportunity

X posting for my boss for you DP's (I know it was posted for columbia gorge area but portland metro works.)

SEEKING FULL-TIME, EXPERIENCED SALES PROFESSIONAL for potential Sales Manager position. Sell ad space for Oregon-based, world-famous creators of top-rated tattoo industry website with proven 80-million-viewer market. Must be an organized, motivating team leader/trainer who is knowledgeable regarding regional and national advertising strategies. Familiarity with tattoo and body art scene, galleries, clothing, travel and service industries a plus. Send short letter of introduction and resume to

CL link

Bob Baxter is the former editor of Skin&Ink and current editor in chief for, you would be working on selling ad space for the website.