August 3rd, 2010

Push Button For POPSICLES

Whoa, what?

A little plane just did a flip over my house (not exactly, as I don't have a glass roof).

It was cool, but also surprising. I thought for some reason people weren't allowed to do that kind of stuff over neighborhoods and the like.

True or false?

Looking for a birthday wish!

It’s my wife’s 40th b’day on August 14.  We’re having an 80’s themed party for her and I was struck with an idea that I am hoping someone here on DP can help- me out with.


I’ve seen some DeLoreans around town.  I am willing to offer food (and there will be a lot of it) and a few odd drinks if someone would be willing to bring their DeLorean to my house for like 2 hours – strictly for photo ops only! 


I want to be clear on this. No one will be driving the vehicle. Basically, since it is 80’s themed and most of our guests will be dressed in 1980’s retro prom attire, I was thinking it would be most excellent if they could pose in front of the DeLorean for a few snapshots.


I’d be more than willing to give additional details to anyone who may be interested.


So, does anyone have a DeLorean or know someone who has one who would be willing to park it in my driveway for 2 hours in exchange for food and drink? 80’s attire optional, but would be cool!


Please let me know. It would help make my wife’s birthday even more awesome!

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DamnDrunks ...

Can you get Everclear in Oregon or do I need to make a trip over the river to acquire some? I'm making some flavored oils and I'd rather not use rubbing alcohol for my solvent. Thanks dudes.
Nomadicwriter's Jed

(no subject)

I got my first tattoo this weekend from lastporter! She did a fantastic job and has a great bedside (chairside?) manner. I will definitely be going back for more as soon as I forget about how much it hurt. Well, I might not wait that long.


Colonel Summers Park dodgeball?

I drove by Colonel Summers Park over near 20th and Belmont on Thursday night, and noticed a massive amount of people playing what looked like dodgeball. How do I get in on this? Is it always at the same park? Do I have to sign up for a team, or just show up? I've heard about it before, but didn't realize so many people would be there. It looked like a lot of fun.