August 1st, 2010

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What's up crazy DPs?

So my friends have recently started their own company: natural makeup with a geek twist. The company is called Geek Chic Cosmetics. It is the brainchild of a couple of crazies that love to play DND and WoW, not to mention all the old games and stuff; Pokemon anyone?

Needless to say, all of their products are named for gamers, by gamers, and in appreciation of anything having to do with fantasy, gaming, and cosplay. They also suggested that their makeup is not only for women, but anyone who appreciates makeup and how to use it.

The great thing about their product is that all of their makeup is mineral based. It's VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, and has absolutely NO FILLERS in it. If there's one thing I enjoy about it, is that they're offering a quality product with consideration to those of you who have health concerns and can't find makeup that accommodates them. 

Eyeshadows run from $5, concealers $11, blushes $11, and bronzer $11.

Another reason to support a company like this: IT'S A LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS! I would have to say that I'm willing to fork over hard cash to a small business like this, rather than put money in the corporations big, non-ending back pocket.

These two girls know what they're doing. They have a good product, and all I'm asking is that you spread the word! I would really appreciate it. They're working hard to come up with products that people want. They also told me that they do custom orders and are willing to do parties if people are interested.

The website is:

Please check it out!

Thank you! Have a wonderful Sunday.

OH! If anyone has any recommendations on getting the name out there, and getting people to test the product, please let me know!
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Hhheeeyyyyy bike nerds.

Seeking the opinions of those more knowledgeable.
Short version of my issue: Bought a bike for $225 from a friend, claim was that their brother was a bike mechanic and fixed it up (she had taken a few nasty spills in learning the hard way the bike was too big for her, hence how it found its way to me) and gave it a thorough tune up. Well, after discovering the brakes on one wheel didn't work as I was headed downhill into on-coming traffic, it became apparent this was obviously not the case. I also have a chain that falls off it you make any sudden change (shift gears, stop too quick, etc) and don't say a silent prayer to the bike gods, a seat post that will not tighten after adjusting so my seat wiggles while I ride, peddle issues, and so on. I was able to fix the brakes, but they still work far from stellar. It seems like every couple of weeks some new problem pops up. The thing needs a real tune up, badly.
I've looked around at local repair shops and it looks like I'll be spending somewhere between $75-150, which is fine if it means I make that investment now and just have to do a basic tune up every year or two moving forward. If all it does is make it safe to ride and I'm still going to have these ridiculous issues every few months, then I'm not getting the ~$350 worth of value and I'd rather just get a new bike. So I guess I'm trying to figure out which is a smarter investment, a full tune up or a different bike?
If I do go with a different bike, what's the best, most cost effective way to get the current one safe and rideable so I can sell it for as close to what I bought it for as possible?
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Math are not my thing

OK, here's a question for you guys, because my non-mathematical brain is unable to comprehend on its own.

Let's say that my employer accidentally paid me for something that I didn't do. They paid me $100. Now, that $100 was taxed (let's say 25%). After that, say they contact me and say, "Oops, we messed up!" and require me to give the money back. On my next pay check, they cut $100.

Am I losing money from this due to the fact that the $100 was taxed originally? Are they losing money? I ask because this keeps happening to me because of a glitch in my employer's system, and I want to make sure that--if anyone is even losing money--it's them doing the losing.

Extra points if you can make me understand the answer!

EDIT: Hmm, now that I've written it out, it seems like I am losing money. I originally only receive $75 after taxes, and then they take out $100 from my next paycheck. Am I correct?

Thai Food rec in Sellwood

Just got home and am so stuffed.

Annually, my daughters dance at Oaks Park with their dance studio. One of the kids at the school, her parents own the Thai Lahnna restaurant on SE 13th and Miller. Every year after we're done playing in Oaks Park, we go have dinner there.

SO good. My kids are picky but are happily chowing down on yellow curry, chicken pad thai, Thai salad, spring rolls, and we had mangoes and coconut rice for dessert.

We live in Hillsboro and sometimes we get food from Thai Princess -- it doesn't hold a CANDLE to Thai Lahnna. Give 'em a shot if you're in the neighborhood. It's a charming restaurant made from an older house, and there is also outside seating.