July 31st, 2010

breezy moredena

Animal House Adoption Event!

Hi guys! If anybody is looking to adopt a cat, dog, rat, rabbit or guinea pig, come on out to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter in Troutdale!

Today we will be open from 11am to Midnight for our Animal House Adoption Event... aka the Toga Party! You might have seen the ads in the local papers and even on TV!

Dog and kitten adoptions will be half price!

Cats over one year (for county residents) are only the cost of licensing! Which is $8!

There will be vendors, music, a raffle, and fun! So even if you just want to stop by and see the animals, please do stop by!

For the official press release and address: http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/pets/toga_party.html

Take the 84 east to Exit 16! Go right on 238th. Go left on Halsey. Go left on 244th. Follow the road down about 1/2 mile and the shelter is on your right hand side!


moving/yard sale

Helloo, once again I am moving and once again I have stuff to get rid of.

little household items and decorations, a small tv/vcr combo, some records, a couple chairs including a cute blue living room chair, a small table with stool, a big vintage trunk, clothing, some jewelry, etc etc

nothing terribly fantastic really but still, I am willing to let things go for cheap

5331 N kerby ave
killingsworth CT and kerby
one block south of PCC Cascade

(no subject)

I want to put some artsy looking 8 by 10 photos in some generic frames. Ideally black frames with either a black or white matte. Is it a better option to buy matted frames somewhere, or should I be looking to do it myself, what are prices like, etc.? No clue where to start. I would prefer the places I'm dealing with to be on the east side, way the hell east side suburbs, or downtown. Online is fine too, I guess. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but I'm not going to argue over a buck or two one way or the other.

Thanks so much.

where to buy a japanese lantern cord/light

Does anyone know where (in SE if possible) I could buy a light-on-a-cord for a japanese paper lantern (18'' sphere if that matters) ? I'm not looking for anything that runs only on batteries- I want to be able to plug it into a wall socket.
I'd prefer to buy this in person, not online, so I don't have to pay shipping, I just can't figure out where to look!
Nom nom nom nom

Recommendations? Mellow but cool bars, pubs...

A friend of mine and I get together every few months for a beer, and we've been going to the same three places over and over again (C Bar, HUB and a place on Hawthorne near McMenamins), so I'm looking for some other place to go.  Other  places I've been to fairly recently are Lucky Lab, Roots and Green Dragon.  All great places, but I'm looking for some place new.

Conditions: good beer, food is a plus.  Overcrowded or blasting music is not what we're looking for, as we actually have conversation when we meet up.  Also not looking for a meat market, since we're both happy family men.

So a clean, well lighted place for beer.  Any suggestions?  Extra points for being within a few minutes' drive of SE 39 and Hawthorne, but will be happy to travel for the right place.

I'm meeting him in an hour and 10 minutes, so any recommendations you have would be appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions!  I ended up going to Spints on NE 28th.  I once went there with another DPer (Winston, oh Winston, where are you these days?), and the beer, food and ambiance were everything I remembered.  Heartily recommended.  Very homey atmosphere, outdoor seating, and a Bjork-powered soundtrack.