July 30th, 2010

Pet help?

I have a kitty that I've been keeping at a friend's house during summer but now they can't keep her anymore. The problem is, I'm going on vacation in August with my parents for 3 weeks. What can I do? I've been scrambling to find a pet boarding service and the cheapest I can find is $10 a night.

This is not bad but I'll be gone for 3 weeks. $10 X 21 days = $210, or just too much for a college student.

Please DP-ers, what are my options here?

... anyone want to pet-sit? :/
Minky is mod!

Hey, DeePs, Target and Best Buy are gay-hatin'.

Since I'm not seeing a lot of news about this around these parts and PDX has a large contingent of GLBTQI folk, I thought this might be of some interest.

Last week Target and Best Buy made excessive political contributions to the Minnesota Forward PAC. Best Buy's donation was $100,000. Target's donation was $150,000. The problem with this is that the only candidate being supported by MN Forward is rabid anti-gay Minnesotan gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

Target's $150,000 Donation To Fund Anti-Gay Politics

Real America: Your Civil Rights Sausage Is Made in Minnesota

Are you GLBTQI? Do you support GLBTQI people? Don't give your money to Target and Best Buy. You don't need to mount a formal protest or a picket line, just don't shop there until they make this right.

And if you feel like doing more:

Stay current: Boycott Target Until They Cease Funding Anti-Gay Politics

Sign the petition

Send the letter

Contact Target:
Guest Relations: (800) 440-0680 (7am to 6pm CT, Monday through Friday)
Main Switchboard: (612)304-6073 (8am to 5pm CT, Monday through Friday)
Target's Complaint Line: 1-800-440-0680.
Community Relations and Grants Information Hotline: (612) 696-6098
Target's Web Email Form

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel
Phone: (612) 696-6234
Fax: (612) 696-6325

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Goddess Gallery?

Is it still there? Across the street from Music Millenium? I called the number that I found on Google for the place, but no one picked up and there was no answering machine offered.

I used to go there all the time when I was younger and all adorable widdle fluffy bunny Pagan teenager, but the outdoor part/little gazebo thing was always a place where I felt at peace and safe.

Or if there are any other type of outdoor garden/glade type places that are good for meditating, within a bussing distance of a half an hour-45 minutes away from downtown? (Good for meditating means little to no pedestrian noise for me.)
Say Anything

$50, the EASY way!

Feel like test driving a car? Feel like making $50?

I walked into the Pop Up shop where Music Millennium used to be, and it was part Ford Fiesta Lounge... if you sign up to take a test drive, they will pay you $50! C'mon, it's a kick ass car and you can earn $50! All you need is to be older than 16 with a legit drivers license and a free afternoon to be badgered by sales people trying to pressure you into a car!

Just thought I'd drop this off here since free money is always nice, ya know?

Happy Friday, DP!

P.S. It's a really awesome car :D