July 29th, 2010


Hey Deepee,

Work just cut my hours to 10 hours or less a week, due to the economy, and I'm in the market for a new job. So, if you need someone who has a background in working with, bathing, and medicating animals (dogs,cats,reptiles,rodents,lagomorphs,etc) customer service, photoshop/illustrator, misc art skills, scrubbing walls, and/or a bunch of other random skills, let me know? Part-time is fine, as long as I can continue paying my rent. I also do nude modeling for artists, and photographers.

Let the snark begin. Because I'm totally not the only one looking for work here.

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I found a jacket with a set of keys and some other stuff lying in the street in front of my house in inner southeast. Its a fairly nice jacket, Im thinking it may have blown off the top of a car or something.

Post 1

Ever since hotmail changed to this new version, I can not download my pictures.
If I get a picture and I click on it goes to a big picture and says something about Silverlight when I try to do anything with it...
Personally I want my old version that worked just right.
Anyone have a fix?
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Post 2 (Room mate needed)

This is a posting for my friend who is looking for a roommate.

The apartment is in Beaverton/Hillsboro (I am not sure where those stupid lines are drawn).
The apartment is on Evergreen Parkway and 185th and is right next to the Target there and other shopping stuffs.
1.5 miles from the Willow Creek Transit.

The bedroom you would be occupying is the master bedroom so it has its own bath. (And of course you get to use the living room and kitchen haha)
On the ground floor
Rent includes water/sewer garbage: $405
Utilities would be split in half. (Internet/TV/phone is one, and electric)

A little about her:
30 years old.
Works full time Mon-Fri 7-4
Mostly is a stay at home person but likes to go out.

About you:
Preferably female.
Has a job or at least gets income to pay your bills on time.
You may be 420 friendly but not at the apartment.
Preferably no pets but a cat would be ok. She has 2 Yorkies.

Contact her at ebkamara@gmail.com
Be responsible and don't party all night making lots of noise.
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a post. Someone posted not too long ago, looking to get prints of art done... I meant to track that thread, but forgot to. I looked for the post, but can't find it. Can you help?