July 26th, 2010


Dinner for 16?

Hey all you social chowhounds – I rarely travel in a group of more than four or five, but am now responsible for making reservations for dinner for 16 for a week from Friday. All my normal favorites are unable to accommodate that many people at one table.

The event is more about family celebration than about the dinner itself, so the most important thing is that they can get us all at one table, situated so that we can talk and laugh and not (excessively) annoy or be annoyed by people at other nearby tables.

Doesn’t need to be kid-friendly. Fairly close-in would be good, but location’s not that big a deal. No particular type of food targeted. Not crazy expensive, for sure not fancy dressing up sort of thing, but doesn’t need to be super cheap either. No vegans in the crowd. Bonus points for interesting cocktails.


Chicken Farmers in Portland

I'm on the search to find a local farmer that has pastured chicken (running around outside, no little cages) preferably organic fed - or at least natural.

Fresh eggs and meat! yes!

Any recommendations?

Yes I know about Whole Foods, etc. What I'm interested in is finding a farm I can connect with on a regular basis in the future. I have no idea how to hunt down these small farms.. Any ideas?

Maybe you have spotted eggs and chicken meat at local farmer's markets?
Who do you buy from?
butterflies in my ears

any damn pokemon nerds out there?

my boss' kiddo is turning seven on friday, and all he wants in the world is a pokemon cake. she'd planned on buying some figurines or plastic toys to top the cake with so he can play with them after, but she has no idea where to find such things. so, where can pokemon toys be found? location is no issue; she'll drive as far as she has to.

please and thank you... and really? pokemon is still cool?

Bike Parts...

I need a few random bike parts, could use some recommendations for some nifty used places.
Is that place over by Lucky Lab on 9th still there? (Recyclery or something?)

Mainly looking for some a rear wheel, some break cables, and maybe a sprocket. Craigslist is too random and scattered.

The thing needs a tune-up, but i'm excited to have a bike again. wee


Dark room supplies

After 7 or so years I want to get my dark room set up again. I need chemicals, paper, and film. I'm in Milwaukie and trying to find a store in the area but the closest one I can find is SE 7th which okay isn't that far but I'd like to be able to jump in the car for a quick trip (if possible) when I remember I need something last minute. Does any one know of any shops in the Milwaukie or Clackamas areas?

If all else fails I'd like your personal opinions on your favorite local photography supply store. I'd ideally like to find a store with a decent selection, competitive prices AND a friendly supportive staff.


Powell's Technical Computer Museum

If you haven't heard, Powell's Technical is moving to a smaller space across from Powell's (10th and Couch) and the employees I spoke to say they aren't sure what will happen to the computer museum! They have some very cool and unusual vintage stuff on display there and the new space won't have room for it, but I'd hate to see it get lost or forgotten.

I thought I'd get the word out to people in case maybe some folks have connections. Maybe it could go to OMSI or in some display cases at PSU or OGI.

At the very least, drop by the store and check out what's there. You might not have a long time to see it, and while you are there let the employees know you care.

Fish emergency here.

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Strip Q

Quote of the bike ride: "there are 52 strip clubs in Portland, one of them must have a midget."

Heh. Anyone know how many strip clubs there are? He apparently pulled that number out of his butt.

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