July 25th, 2010

"D" is for Dirty...

Cat questions.

So, I'm kind of worried about my cat...again. Nothing like last time; no surgery needed and such.

By the way, he is doing awesomely!

But, since the teeth extraction surgery last month, Simon has taken to pulling tufts of fur off of his body...a little bit at a time. He looks like a ragamuffin and almost like the day when I brought him home from the shelter. And he's lost weight too, it seems. His activity is high and he plays A LOT, but it's his pulling of the fur and weight loss that has me...concerned.

The vet stated that the pulling of the fur was a small OCD mixed with the fact that he is allergic to flea bites...he's on the vet medicated ADVANTAGE...but the flea bites make him have an allergic reaction. He's on his second month of ADVANTAGE and at times, he seems to not pull so much at his fur and skin, but then, at times it's a lot.

He's eating WELLNESS brand wet cat food...food that's a bit higher priced and is for human consumption; it has no grain and reviews really highly...the vet even stated it's their second choice of wet foods. I've been mixing dry food in with the wet for the past day also...

I'm just wanting him to put some weight on and to stop pulling at his fur.

Any advice? I'd like to see him as thick as he was last year and as shiny of a coat too!

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Moving soon?

I got a card from Move It Or Lose It (we used them a couple years ago, they rocked) for 5% off labor. Disclaimer - they apparently give the 5% to ME. But, hey, 5%. Let me know if you want the card!

Oh, and, hey... SUNSHINE. Woo.

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Red Robin gift card?

I was gifted a $50 Red Robin gift card yesterday.

Does anyone want to trade for a gift card they have hanging around that they don't want? Bonus points for REI, Apple Store, or something of the like.

Somebody here has got to really like Red Robin.
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Dual purpose post!

I'm gonna multitask in a post...

My friend Kayla has decided to part ways with her bass and amp in order to afford rent for our apartment and maybe to get some fresh ink (who doesn't love tattoos?)

I can attest they are in killer condition, hardly used, looks brand spankin' new and plays like a gem! Here is the Craigslist post, she's looking for $185 (OBO) on the bass and she's sticking pretty firm to $80 for the amp! If you're interested, lemme know and I can talk with her!



It's been expressed by a minor that they would love to come, so who is dead seriously set on whooping more ass at trivia and who wouldn't mind a leisurely discussion on whatever comes to mind? Would love a rough estimate! Perhaps there will be cupcakes...


Hey anyone know any good dumpsters? Mostly looking for wood or leather scraps and random stuff that can be painted on or random cool stuff. Food dumpsters are good too.
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Selling Shiny Plastic Discs

Hey [Clever Play on the Community's Name], I have a bunch of old CDs I want to sell. What's the going rate and procedure at the local shiny disc emporiums around town (Everyday Music, Millennium -- any I'm missing?). I've got about 200 to sell. Should I call ahead, go on specific times/days? What's the average price I'm going to get per disc? Back before when man hunter dinosaurs the going rate was about $1/$2/$3 per CD, does that still hold? Other stuff like that you can think of.

Also, outside of Craigslist, where would I want to try sell CDs online?

Ah, summertime...

...when the total idiots come crawling out of the woodwork like mindless chaos-inducing termites.

On the way home from the burbs tonight:
  • US 26 E closed due to a reckless driver causing a four-vehicle accident
  • Helmetless cyclist weaving in and out of traffic on W Burnside, blowing through red lights
  • Some bald waste of human flesh walks out on the Burnside Bridge and makes a fake JUMP at the vehicle next to us, causing the guy to swerve into our lane.
The first and third idiots on the list need to be (and in the first case, will be) sitting in the slammer to think about what they've done. As for the cyclist, as my girlfriend put it, I hope the car that eventually returns him to Darwin's eternal embrace isn't full of impressionable 5 year olds.

It must be the heat.
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Lost phone

I know this is probably a long shot, but were any of you near NW 11th & Couch a few hours ago? If so, did you happen to find a cell phone?

I lost my phone. It's a black LG flip phone.