July 23rd, 2010

flowers in palm

Of Vagabond Opera, and Leverage cast sightings

Last night at the Vagabond Opera show in Wallace Park, positiveg and I joined the ranks of folks who have sighted Timothy Hutton in our fair city. He had a passel of kiddos with him and was petting the largest dog I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.

Also, Vagabond Opera rocked(!!!), and debuted a new song, AND the Parks Department raised almost a grand from donations. Good night, all in all. Who else has sighted Leverage cast members out and about? We kept our cool last night, but I'm pretty sure that if I ran into Beth Riesgraf I'd get all silly and fangirly.


Any tips on where to find a claddagh ring? I tried Uncommon Treasures on Hawthorne, but they were out of everything in my size. :(

I would order online, but given the variety of rings out there, I want to try it on first and see if I like the size, etc. My price range is around $30 for sterling silver, although I guess the price of silver has gone up recently...

Anyway, I'm going on a trip in September and wanted to acquire my ring before that if possible.

Danke DP!