July 21st, 2010

Tea whores unite secretly

Damn Xbox 360

Dear Damn gamers... I literally just got my Xbox 360 today and my game (FF VIII) tends to keep stalling... the music will play but it won't continue on to the next part, has anybody else had this happen? Any solution? Panic? Return it? Fetal position and cry over a loss of video gaming?

Thanks in advance! I'm not used to the Xbox platform yet...

Edit Lovely, I realized it was scratched! I just got it today, stuck it in the console and away I went... didn't notice it until I took it out to clean... anyone know if Frys is gonna laugh at me and tell me I did something wrong in less than 24 hours?

i-pod repair

i have an old i-pod that i forgot about.
can anyone steer me towards a good repair shop?
the battery seems to have left it's little body.
thanks in advance.
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Last bit of help for a Portland filmmaker telling an Oregon story

My friend Ted is completing his film about the turn-of-the-century religious cult in Oregon, the Creffield cult, or "Holy Rollers" as they were termed. He has created another kickstarter.com campaign to get the film wrapped up. He is done shooting and editing, and is now in the final post-production stages.

Check out the completed footage, it's gorgeous! I'm even in the film, for about 0.3 seconds :)

I posted his last kickstarter campaign here also, and I know some people were familiar Ted, and the cult. He is truly committed to this project and has more or less mortgaged his entire life to complete it (to the point where he is sleeping on couches right now). Anything you can contribute will greatly help him bring this story to the people!

Thank you,

Geoff dangrmous
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Who wants a bicycle ~$400 OBO

I just got great news, my dad is sending me his awesome pimped out Trek cycle so I'm selling my bike!
I bought the cycle new from River City Bicycles about two months ago. It has been kept indoors and only has about 200 miles of road time on it and River City includes lifetime brake and derailleur adjustments as well as tire inflation. Here is a link to the manufacturer's website:

I added black fenders and a kryptonite lock ($90 value) and if no one wants it from my other post, I'm throwing in an Avenir Comfort Soft Women's Saddle and new black post I had not gotten around to installing yet ($35 value). The bike was new at $500.

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Kitty groomer

My kitty needs a bath...she's gotten lazy with grooming herself and is shedding, a bit dandruffy and in need of a nail trim. I'm getting married next weekend, so I'd rather avoid the scratches that inevitably occur when bathing a cat, plus family (with allergies) is coming into town for the wedding. My vet doesn't do grooming. Any suggestions on a good kitty groomer somewhere between downtown/NW and Beaverton?

Also, thanks for the advice from the DP hive mind for funeral attire wear on Friday night!

Leather repair in PDX?

Does anyone know of a reputable leather repair business in PDX? I bought an IKEA Kramfors sofa a few years ago, and one of the leather cushions has two sizeable tears in it. Does anyone know of a local business that can fix something like this? Thanks!

cheap internet in portland

Anyone have suggestions for cheap internet access? Preferably DSL, I guess. I found a company called Virtually Cheap, but then when I called I couldn't get through and their tech support department was just a voicemail box. I'd rather pay a little more and avoid terrible customer service.

On that note, I've already tried Clear; I don't want to go into too many details but let's just say their corporate headquarters should be burned to the ground and the remaining earth salted that nothing may grow there again.

Any ideas?