July 20th, 2010

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Before I toss this stuff up on Craiglist, I thought someone here might be interested.

Anyhow, for sale...

Nintendo DSi XL. Bronze color. Perfect condition. Box, all manuals, and accessories included. I'll toss in a 4gb SD card as well for storing your Nintendo Store downloads on. $150. Buy this and I'll also (as a Damn Portlander Bonus!) give you one of the $15 or less games for free. (Including Killzone 2)

Games! All DS. All in box in perfect condition with manuals.

Etrian Odyssey 1 ($20)
Etrian Odyssey 2 ($15)
Dragon Quest IV ($15) (French version. Plays in English as well though)
Dragon Quest IX ($30) (And I'll toss in the giant strategy guide)
Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box ($15) Bought by thelilyqueen
Infinite Space ($20)
Final Fantasy III ($15) (French version. Plays in English as well though)
Dokapon Journey ($10)

I also have Killzone 2 for the PS3 for $15 if anyone is interested.

I'm Getting rid of this stuff to keep me from being distracted during school. My loss, your gain.

Cash only. No trades.
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So a quick community search didn't return much in the way of travel communities (in English) so what the hell, I'm sure a worldly Portlander might have all the answers.

I'm leaving for a backpacking trip in Australia tomorrow. I'm checking a large, external frame hiking pack but I'm concerned about the external straps. Does anyone have any experience checking this sort of equipment? Should I bring a trash bag or something to keep everything contained? Sadly, I don't have a shell for the pack. I'm also not so jazzed about checking about $600 worth of camping gear but so it goes I guess.

Any advice?

P.S. I contacted my old apartment complex with regards to the lease dispute and they said they would look into things and get back to me. I imagine I won't find know the conclusion until I return to the states.
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Child labor... of sorts?

So ya know how there are folks who leave the Oregonian "food week" paper thing in a bag on your doorstep sometimes? Well the guy that comes down our street to do that job uses his kids to do the foot work during, apparently, summer vacation. He drives his minivan all slow like with a clipboard in hand and both sliding doors open, stopping every couple of houses to send the three kids out, papers in hand. Besides the loathing looks the kids have on their faces, I'm thinking this is not such a good thing... Sure it's efficient, but the kids I'm guessing are between 10-14 years old, but I'm kinda bad a kid-age-guessing. Maybe their family agreement is that the kids get allowances if they help him out? Whatever, I don't know. Should I some how call him out or something?

What does the DP hive think?

EDIT:  Alright, just thought I'd ask, thanks for the paper route reminder. 

trivia night!

Hey all you trivia-going DPers, I'm hosting trivia again at the Cheerful Tortoise tonight, 9pm.  Last week's prizes were promo undershirts, a CD of Schoolhouse Rock! songs covered by Better Than Ezra, Ween, Pavement, Moby, and others, and the Lake Oswego edition of Monopoly.  Tonight's prizes so far include a pack of those glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars, more undershirts, and god knows what else.

The questions and answers from previous nights can be seen here, if you want to give yourselves an idea what you're in for, though the crowd has thinned somewhat with summer term at PSU and your chances of winning something are good.  Plus, verified DPers get their song requests (apart from Surfin' Bird) honored, so there's that.
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where can i get: the random edition

i've had a lot of bizarre crap on my to-do list lately, and i'm hoping y'all can help me find some things. east side greatly preferred.

1. quality origami paper
2. a decent selection of acoustic guitars and finger/thumb picks
3. ANY public place where i can lounge and hear any of the following: nina simone, sam cooke, dinah washington, edith piaf, francoise hardy, elizabeth cotten, judy garland, maria muldaur, serge gainsbourg, mississippi john hurt, tom waits
4. delicious shrimp-free ceviche (i'm already a fan of limo and la calaca)
5. locally made moccasins (with tiny sizes available)
6. a damn good sidecar
7. any good bluegrass/folk/classic country musicians that perform regularly
8. inexpensive art supplies (watercolor & oil)
9. well made fanny packs
10. soft ballet slippers (real dance slippers, not "ballet flats")

thanks for indulging my desire for random shit. =)
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yo yo yo

Hey kids, I'm studying for the CBEST. Yeah, the California Basic Education Subject Test thing. It's a mouthful, and it sucks.

First off, if any of y'all have taken it, I'd love some info/tips about studying for it, as I'm sure a few of you have taken it already.

Second, can anyone reccommend a tutor for the math portion of this exam? I'm semi decent at the actual algebra, but suck at the logic of word problems and the like which basically screws me over in the long run. So, yes, tutors, preferably on the west side OR somewhat close to the max would be awesome too!

Thanks guys! :)

Tech question

I'm running Windows 7 and have been messing with partitions because I got a new hard drive. I had C, D, and added E, but moved everything from D to E. So far so good. Then I deleted D, merged the space in to C and renamed E to D, so now I have just C and D. Still good.

However, here's where the problems start. I had a shared folder on E named 'music'. When I changed E to D, instead of changing the path, it added a new shared folder named 'music2' and left the old 'music' on the shared folders list. That's annoying.

So I read how to fix it, I go to administrative tools, go to computer management, go to shares, and behold it lists all the files it believes its sharing. So far so good, but the next thing it says to do in the help file is just right click and select 'stop sharing'. so easy!

Except one problem, the 'stop sharing' option literally doesn't exist. I looked online for help, and when someone asked why they had no 'stop sharing' option, the response was to go into manage computer and select stop sharing to unshare the folders. -.-

So anyone know why this is? I'm running as the admin account.

EDIT: So I did fix it, basically I shrunk my C partition, made a 100MB E partition, put in a 'Music' folder, opened the command line, deleted the shared folder which it could now find the path of (why do you care if you don't see the path? Just delete the damn shared entry!) and then deleted the partition. SOMEHOW I imagine that's not actually the normal method for unsharing things.

The question still remains though why do I not have the 'stop sharing' option in the administrative tools. Am I not actually administrator though it says I am? Is there some hidden 'keep dummies from messing with windows guts' setting that I forgot to disable when I was fighting the User Account Control Settings hydra for control over my own computer? (thought I thought to leave it on when Windows blocked Windows from validating Windows for the lulz factor)
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Camera Cleaners?

I have a 2 year old digital camera that works fine, except some fluff or dust got inside the lens and it shows up on almost all the photos. It's barely noticeable on most, but I can't do video anymore and I can't really zoom w/out it showing up. I've tried taking the camera halfway apart and using that compressed air, but no good, the fluff remains.

I would love to find a place that does a camera cleaning for a reasonable price. The camera is only worth $150 so I'd hate to pay that much just to remove the dust. The place I bought it (Circuit City) is long gone, as is the warranty.


Any recommendations or ideas?

Thanks DP!

July Trimet Pass?

Dear Damnportlanders,
After a lengthy period of unemployment, I was finally offered some temp work. (Yay!) But said temp work is located downtown, where the parking is scary and expensive. (Boo.) The assignment only lasts through the end of July, and it looks like trimet is my best option. Do any of you know someone who has purchased a monthly bus pass for July, but is leaving on vacation for the next week and a half? Do they need someone to watch their pass so it doesn't get lonely? Please put them in touch with me, it would be much appreciated. I can be reached through lj or at jaina dot wall on gmail. Thanks!
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So, I'm curious

While I was up in Portland last month, the Kyron Horman case was the only thing on the television at my mum's house. I've been back in Vegas for a few weeks now, but I'm curious if anything new ever happened with this kid. Last I heard, there was something about the wife trying to hire a landscaper to have her husband killed?

This story was all I heard for two weeks, and I'm really curious about what's happened with the whole thing.
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