July 18th, 2010

pellet stoves

Damn Pellet Stove users: Are there any of you out there?

I just moved into a house with a pellet stove and my roommates and I were planning on using it to heat our house this winter. Is this a cost-effective option (otherwise we're stuck with electric baseboard heating)? Any advice on using it, where to buy pellets, how many you use in a winter, etc? Any info would be helpful!


Endocrinologist Recommendation?

I'm a type one diabetic and in the market for a new endocrinologist - I haven't seen one since I moved away from portland 3 years ago, and now that I'm moving back it's time to go through the process again. I didn't like the last one that I saw all that much, so I've come to all of you looking for suggestions. There have to be a few diabetics amongst your midst...

Like I said, I'm a type one diabetic, and just started using an insulin pump again after about a year and a half of not having one. I'm looking for a doctor who knows their shit, but also won't lecture if my numbers are less than perfect - I'm just working on regaining control, and it's probably going to be a long process. I prefer female doctors, but if you know a dude that's awesome I'd like to hear about it. Any section of town is fine, after years of less than awesome endocrinologists, I'm willing to travel anywhere in the Portland metro area for someone fantastic.

Fatty Goldfish

21st birthday!

Its my boyfriends 21st birthday, and at 4:26 pm we have no idea where he should go or what he should do, just that he should do something.

anyone got any good suggestions for bars or clubs on the maxline that might give a free drink on a 21st birthday?
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san diego hotel room available

Anyone going to the San Diego Comic Con? I have an extra hotel room that I'd like to get rid of. It's 2 Queen beds - Tue - Sun.

The Westgate Hotel
1055 2nd Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 238-1818
Fax: (619) 557-3737
Hotel distance to Convention Center: 7.0 Blocks

ps. I'll be there (booth K13).


Dog owners: You're on notice

Today I saw a lady do that lazy dog owner thing where you let your dog shit and you pretend you don't notice it's shitting because you're not going to pick it up because you don't care that a toddler could be crawling around in the grass at the park and stick her hand in your dog's crap because you are totally not going to kneel for a second to pick it up and put it in the trash. I can't think of a more passively hostile act than not picking up your dog's shit, because there is nothing like stepping in dog shit to ruin your day. I was going to say something but I really didn't want to get in a confrontation. Really, I just wanted to implore her nicely to pick up her dog's mess, but I was so angry about what I saw I knew that I couldn't do it without being an asshole. Not because I'm so nice but because she was intimidating and had pitbulls.

I'm still upset I didn't say anything. I vow to thoroughly shame the next person I catch doing this to make up for it. I'm going to be extra vigilant and on the look out for this foul behavior. PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP IT IS DISGUSTING AND I HATE IT AND WANT IT TO GO IN THE TRASH. I do not let my six-year-old shit in the grass and she has craps as big as some dog's and almost as foul-smelling.

Also, keep it on leash when I you are not in a designated off-leash area.
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I am coming back!

I am visiting Portland, in a few days.

This means that I have earned my position, and people can no longer mock me for my continued devotion to this community despite my geographic absence.

So what is new in Portland that I need to catch up on?