July 17th, 2010

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going on walkabout

Suggestions for the best neighborhood/part of town to wander around in for an afternoon? Specifically Monday, if that makes a difference. Just want to get lost, possibly with a camera, and see what I can see. TIA!
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Memorial service attire?

I'm at a loss, DP. A favorite patient of mine passed away and I'm going to attend her memorial service tomorrow morning (Saturday). It's being held at an Episcopal church in Beaverton. So...what do I wear? My current plan is a below-the-knee length black suit skirt, black flats and a sleeveless rose pink shell. I was planning on wearing a suit jacket, but it's gotten comically huge.

Does that sound like an appropriate outfit to wear? Help!
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how important (or not) is covered parking in Portland?

Okay, time for another question from the ever-planning potentialy-moving east coast dude interested in Portland. In considering a move to the Portland area, my wife and I would ideally like to live close-in and use public transit a lot. We would probably only use our car occasionally, for large grocery runs and certain kinds of errands.

In looking at various apartments, condos, and houses for rent and categorizing typical property types in various neighborhoods, one question we always come up with is covered parking. In the northeast, midwest, and even in some parts of the south, one of the biggest issues regarding whether you have access to covered parking or not is ice/frost. In some places, it's just a nuisance because you have to scrape your car to be able to use it in the morning (when if you could just wait, it would be clear by the afternoon). In other places, ice gets so thick that you have to go clear your car even if you're not planning to drive it, just to avoid damage.

I know Portland doesn't get covered in snow frequently, but for those of you who park outside, how much of a hassle (or not) is it? Does this even matter?
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I had a little *too* much fun last night so I'm staying home tonight to recoup.

Hoping to find an interesting documentary on Netflix and drink some tea. AKA BLICCY GONE WILD.

Et tu?